Dec 4, 2010

Day 11 – My siblings

My brother, Tony, was born on the 15th of November 1974.

He is in many ways, my complete opposite and that is, perhaps, one of the reasons besides the pure blood relation fact, that makes me appreciate him so much!
When we were kids, we were always could almost say we were like cat and dog. I later analysed this, thinking it must have been a bit disturbing for a 5 year old boy to all of a sudden get less attention because of the birth of a chubby, ugly (yes, in my opinion, I was really r e a l l y an ugly, or let's say "less esthetique"), screaming baby sister......all though I'm sure there was some love in there somewhere already then! After all, he is the one who named me, with great determination. You see, I was supposed to be named "Maria", but he (thankfully.....nothing against the just isn't me!) insisted I'd be called after the main character in one of his books "Lindas tvättdag" (strangely enough I never read this book...or at least I don't recall ever doing so).
Magically ;) and actually quite commonly, things completely turned around almost on the very day he turned 18 and after this, I would say I found one of my very best friends in him.

My brother is extremely musically talented, all though he would never admit to it. He plays the guitar, the bass and learns songs almost instantly by ear. He also writes his own music and records it in his home studio. I'm sure that if he really wanted to, he could make a career of it. 
My brother has a great sense of humour and can always make me laugh (like someone who should probably be institutionalized). He could, most likely, also have made a career in theatre or the movies as he makes fabulous and flawless impersonations of all kinds of characters, celebrities and friends! .....but he is just not the kind of person who is comfortable being in the spotlight (I think?).
My brother is an extremely caring person who I can trust with absolutely anything and everything. He has always been there for me as my brother and my friend, always showing his full support in all my decisions and never made me feel bad when they were of the less good kind. Since April this year, he and Josefina, his amazingly kind, sweet and beautiful girlfriend has also given our families the greatest gift imaginable; Their daughter, my absolutely, breathtakingly adorable niece Cindy!! ...and the daddy role suits him SOOOOOO well!

Tony - You are the best brother someone could ever wish for and I am blessed because I am that sister, lucky enough to have you!! I love you more than words in a blog post could possibly describe and I am so proud to be your sister. Thank you for everything you've done for me over the years! ...for all the laughs you have provided and all the tears you've had to endure. Thank you for all the support that you have, tenaciously, offered me - even when I did not deserve it. Thank you for watching over me when I was young and naive (I think I never told you that....) and for giving me a hard time sometimes when I was a rambunctious and frankly speaking, annoying little brat of a child as it toughened me up enough to survive the school years by scaring the crap out of all the boys ;))
I hope you know that you can always count on me for anything and everything and I will also always be here for Josefina and Cindy.
Thank you for the trust in giving me the proudest moment of my life so far: The day I became the Godmother of your daugther, Cindy.

I feel as though we were once ONE and split at birth into two. You left and I right or the other way around...I don't know....but for sure, this is the way I miss you now that we are so far apart 

Your sister, who is sometimes, most definitely 


  1. Beautifully written. I'm almost crying here reading this, ha ha. I love the way I get to know you and the way you think. This 30-day challenge is a brilliant one, thanks for challenging me ;) Kram

  2. Linda, I knew that you loved your brother, but this was so beautifully written I had to shed a tear!!! As your mother I remember the day when your fighting stopped. It was suddenly quiet and you sat in the kitchen talking to each other! I almost did not believe my eyes or ears!! It was a beautiful moment for your mother that I will always treasure.

  3. Wonderful, there's nothing like family. Hugs!

  4. You guys are so nice to comment like this!! What a blogger confidence boost ;)
    This post poured out of it when that happens! It's always very easy for me to write about my emotions. Much easier than saying to someones face. Thanks for reading and commenting = it really means a lot to me.

    Katja: You are so welcome ;) I am really enjoying following your 30 day challenge as well! Kram

    Mamma: I can imagine how nice that must have felt....we were quite horrible to each other when we were kids and that can not have been so easy to deal with. I love it when you read my blog! I guess on some levels, daughters will always have a slight need of parental approval and appreciation ;))) Hehe! KRAM!

    Emma: Thank you!! I agree 100%! Hugs right back ;)

  5. Linda, you were ALWAYS fighting in different ways, so I was really surprised that day!!
    love to you from mamsen


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