Dec 2, 2010

Day 09 – My beliefs

I would like to believe
.....that there is a God watching over us, listening to the prayers of us all, making the right calls and decisions, all for a great purpose that only She or He or It can understand.
.....that what goes around, comes around.
.....that religion is all good.
.....that we are all here for a reason and with a purpose.
.....that we can all change our lives and the lives of those around us for the better.
.....that people can be honest and good.

What I don't believe that our destiny is already written in stone.
.....that there is such a thing as a God who created us and is now trying to coordinate us and what happens all around us. that we will ever really know for sure.

I believe the power of believing in something, whether it is in a God or just in yourself or the people around you.
.....that focusing on taking care of our planet and all of the living creatures is KEY for our long term survival. the power of religion to do good when it is not being abused by power-hungry and greedy people.
.....that if we all gave a little, the world would have a lot.
.....that a positive attitude and an open mind is the key to happiness.
.....that we all start out innocent and with equal value and that each of us are personally responsible for ensuring we stay that way. believing in ourselves and our capabilities to change things for the better. the power of having respect for others as well as respect for yourself.
.....that each of the parents out there have a tremendous responsibility and a very difficult task to raise their children with the right believes and attitudes.
.....that everyone wants to believe in something and can easily be mislead by this desire.
.....that each day, we are given a second chance.
.....that each day is a miracle. love. you. me. us.


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