Dec 1, 2010

Day 08 – Hobbies and talents

Finally a short post to write ;))

In terms of hobbies, here's the list:
- Blogging (obviously)
- Soccer
- Photography
- Singing
- Shopping & Fashion
- Cooking
- Movies (both watching, reading and writing about them)
- All kinds of other sports (and especially badminton, floorball or simply going to the gym)

....and now we come to the difficult part: Talents.
To be completely honest and with the risk of sounding very arrogant (sorry fellow Swedes or Nordics reading this post, but Jantelagen has very little effect on me these days ;)).... I think I had talent for many things when I was younger. For sure I had some talent when it came to sports and especially soccer......but here's the thing with me, I need variation! 
I could never decide on just one or two things to focus on and hence, the talents I may or may not have had were never really given the chance to get to their full potential. 
Do I regret this? No never....... Instead I have another talent that I'm actually quite proud of: I am multi-skilled! Not AWESOME. Not GREAT.....but I am very good at many things and especially those things I really set my heart and mind on. I have a talent when it comes to pushing myself to results WHEN I want to.
On top of this, I can not, nor could I ever be bullied into doing anything I didn't want to do or thinking anything I didn't want to think and I always speak my mind (for better or worse ;))
......and I'm reasonably creative and always had a (strange?) way of being able to influence people.

Ps. This is a very difficult post for a Swede to write ;))


  1. Having seen some of the photos here on your blog that you have made I would say that you have some talent ;-)

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