Nov 30, 2010

Day 07 – My best friend(s)

Friends! What would life be without them?! I would certainly not like to find out.......
Through the years, I have had many friends. I have always loved meeting new people and made friends very easily when I was younger. Some have come and gone, but some, like the people I will describe in this post, are the ones I know I can always count on and I hope they know they can expect the same from me in return. These are the people who I would consider close to me, regardless of passed time.
Please note that this list of people is not in any kind of ranking!!! Each of my friends mean the world to me and bring something unique to my life and the role they play in my life is indispensable. 

My dear friends,
I love you all so much and without you, I would feel incomplete.

We have known of each other all our lives, growing up in the same town, going to the same  school, but didn't really become close until I was 15. After this time, we were inseparable for years and years until I moved to Stockholm......which of course complicated things in terms of distance and unfortunately made us grow somewhat apart. 
Madde and I have been through so much together, through good times and bad, for better and worse, and in many ways, she is probably the one who knows me the best. She is also a close friend of my family which is great as I always know what is going on in her life even when we haven't had the time to catch up.
Regardless of frequency, when we spend time together it feels like time has been standing still and we can just pick up where we left off and this to me is absolutely invaluable.

Of all my friends, I would say Aryan is the one I have most in common with and also the one I spend most time with. 
We met while working together at NEC in 2002 and slowly built a friendship that I am now certain would withstand anything and that will last forever. A very relaxed friendship without any expectations or pressure......and for me, a bit like the sister I never had with whom I can talk about absolutely anything and we always have sooo much fun together, whatever we do.
Since many years now, Aryan is the first one I call when I really need to talk....but in general, we are both equally awful at staying in touch via phone ;))

What can I say? Patricia and her absolutely adorable and wonderful kids, Enzo and Nelly (who I've known their entire lives), are like my second family!! 
We know each other since 2001 through our previous relationships and were actually, literally, in each others extended families. 
I feel a kind of connection to Patricia that is difficult to explain, but I know we have a friendship built on a pure, genuine love and again, I am certain we will stay friends forever.
When I go back to Switzerland, this is always one of my most difficult goodbyes and it always ends in tears.....

Johanna & Daniel
Johanna and I met while we were both working at ICA (via Manpower) back in 1999 and all though we have never been in such frequent contact, we managed to stay in touch ever since. Also a very relaxed friendship.....
We lost touch for a while when she lived in Germany, but then one day (I think in 2002?), by coincidence, we ran into each other in Solna (a suburb of Stockholm) and found out we were practically neighbours. She had then met her husband Daniel (her boyfriend at the time), and he was, just like her, an amazing person.
Well it is no secret that I have a past and actually, we used to spend some really great times together as two couples and we all got along so great! We were toastmaster and toastmadame at their wedding and I must say I have never been at a wedding feeling more certain that two people belong together than at their wedding. 

Tanja & Therese
Now you are probably wondering why I am writing these names in one headline? Well, first of all, these amazing ladies are almost inseparable....but secondly it is because when we meet, we are almost always the three of us together......naturally ;)
We also met at work (at Unilever in Sweden in 2006 to be precise) and almost instantly, we just clicked. I don't know any other people who can make me laugh like a complete and utter retard in such a heartfelt way like these ladies can!! On top of this, we can of course also have real heart-to-hearts and they were both there for me when I needed someone the most and I will never ever forget that.....

Milly & Anja
I met these lovely ladies here in Switzerland, again through work.
They are the people who have made my life here bearable while going through the biggest transitions of my life.....and they are amazing!!
They are both "expatriates" like me, so it is fairly certain we will not live in the same country for much longer (it's actually already for sure). My hope is, however, that we will always stay in touch, wherever we are.

These are my closest friends....for better or worse. 

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  1. Awwwhh so sweet and beautiful ;-) You are the bestest friend! Love you loads and loads ♥♥♥


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