Nov 1, 2010

First day of November....

...and today I had the feeling everyone in Europe were on holiday.....but us ;)

Really great as I could reduce my massive e-mail backlog down to half (oh and if that sounds like nothing to you....just to put things in perspective, I receive between 70-150 e-mails per day....but today only around 40 ;)).

It's been a while since the last update, so here goes:

Currently, I'm......
Excited about: Going to Sweden again in 10 days!!! Can barely think about it as if I do, I can't manage to do or think about anything else ;)
8 sweet days with friends and family. Heaven on earth!!! ....and I rented a car this time as well, so I can get around faster. 
Thinking about:  Friendship and friends in general.... Everything from the importance of good friends, to how not to be hurt by people you thought were close friends as you suddenly realise that they are no longer someone you can count on, to how lonely it can feel when you don't have so many friendly faces around and of course, how to potentially make new friends. Oh how I miss the simple times of sandboxes, marble games, cartwheels and heartfelt laughter!!
Disappointed about: Not having so many people around who know me well enough to know there is no evil or hidden agendas in anything I do.
Sad about: Trying hard not to be about anything, but must admit the above thoughts and disappointment makes me feel sad....
Hoping: That speaking more German at home will make me learn the language faster.... As I never intended to stay here and as we speak English at work, I haven't spent as much effort in learning the language....and honestly, when living in Switzerland and especially in a smaller town - this is crucial for integration!! I can't even go to the cinema here which is quite painful for a movie-addict like myself. Self-inflicted pain though.
Seriously considering: Signing up for a photo course in Zurich. 
Regretting: That I was too tired to go to the gym yesterday as the gym I go to is closed the whole week for renovation work..... On the bright side, I get to practise my backhand in both badminton and tennis this week instead ;)
Trying to convince myself: That I really needed and deserved that around 100g of Chocolate that I just "inhaled" like a cookie monster. For what it's worth, it was DELICIOUS!
Looking forward to:  Watching the new episode of Dexter!!! I love that lunatic and really believe it's the best TV series ever!!
Feeling: Very much in love and very thankful that I have people (friends and family) in my life I can count on, who I know I will always give the same in return. Without them I'd be literally lost.
Inspired by: All the whirling, colourful leaves outside and by sweet Maddie (of Sprinkle Diary), so young and sooooo talented!! Can't help but wonder where I would have been now if I had that much talent when I was 16 ;)) She has a very inspirational blog, is starting a feminist fashion magazine, takes incredibly beautiful and creative photos AND has an Etsy shop! ...oh and did I mention she is doing all of this on top of her studies?? ;)
Proud of: Finally posting my interview with Kate Havnevik!! I am so impressed with her.... She does almost everything on her own! She plays instruments, sings, writes, records, mixes etc etc. She has her own record label and she really made her own luck.
Wishing: That many more people enter the Kate Havnevik give-away!! C'mon gals and guys! The deadline to enter is November 6th =))
Wanting: A picture says more than a thousand words they say, so on the right side in pictures, my little wish-list!

...and to finish off this post, some questions from my "Anonymous question box" on Formspring:

Q: What was your first paying job?
A: Picking wild oats in huge fields.... It was a summer job. My first permanent job was as a waitress.

Q: I'm old on the outside, but I'm feeling so young on my inside..please feel free to give me a hint...:-))
A: Stay in touch with your inside.....that's more important than a number ;)

Q: Name your top 3 countries you want to visit next
A: 1. Dominican Republic 

(yes, for the 4th or 5th time...but I love it ;))
2. Japan
3. Canada

Keep the questions coming by asking me something anonymously in the little pink box above or by clicking here:

I wish you all a great week!


  1. Hi Linda!

    I was so excited to find your blog, it is much more fun than most of the other Swiss expat blogs!

    I just thought I'd drop by and say hi... from another expat in Switzerland :-)

  2. Hi Elisa!
    What a great compliment, you just made my evening =)))
    I checked out yours as well and you have a new follower! Hope to see you here again soon!


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