Nov 24, 2010

Day 01 – Introducing myself

You would think this one would be fairly easy.....after all, I'm just introducing myself, but the start is turning out to indeed be a challenge! Anyhow, here goes ;)

My name is Linda Maria Margareta Andersson. I am 31 years young (well...I insist!), turning 32 in March.
I was born in a small, Swedish city (population of around 17 000), about 150km's north-west of Stockholm, called Köping.

Growing up, I lived with my mom, dad and brother (who you'll all get to know more of later on) waaaaay out in the country side in a small, red house (a typical Swedish one) in Munktorp and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! Not because the house was small, of course this was not always practical nor fun, but because I had the good fortune of living next door to my grandmother (my best friend and idol in every possible way) and grandfather, my uncle and nature was literally aaaall around me! We had all kinds of animals (not joking! Almost all kinds!!) and I also had horses that I rode, cared for and loved with all my heart. Living so close to animals also made me into the vegetarian I am today.....

All though I had some very good times in Köping and some very good friends there, I never truly felt like I belonged and this feeling turned into a need to get away as soon as I graduated from school. 
When I was 19, I moved to Västerås, a bigger city not far from Köping, but still didn't feel like I was in the right place.
Luck soon came my way and I was offered a job in Stockholm in early -00 and jumped on the opportunity to follow this path. In my opinion, one of the best decisions I've ever made.

A lot of things have happened since then! Successes, disappointments, career changes, heart changes, heartbreaks, laughter, failures, happy moments and all of the above and below and as you probably know, I now live and work in Switzerland since 2,5 years.

This is my life, in short, sparing you of the details for now as some will be revealed later and this is what has made me who and what I am today; 

A ridiculously happy and positive person (sometimes annoyingly so, which I also find pleasure in sometimes ;)), with some life-inflicted darkness inside that also makes me judgemental when it comes to my core values. 

I am a genuinely caring person with so much empathy that I can literally feel the pain when someone else tells me that they got a paper-cut.  I can also be very sad and emotional at times - but this is something I actually wouldn't want to live without as I believe you wouldn't have lived fully without these experiences. 

I thrive on challenges and rarely say no to new opportunities to learn something. I am highly competitive WITH MYSELF (in capitol letters as I am often misunderstood as competitive with others), wanting to always prove to myself that I can manage, but over the years I have also learned to separate the important battles from the insignificant......and am still learning.

What will always be ME is that I always do my best when I have my heart set on it and I am very loyal to those close to me (core value alert!).

Regardless of the impression I sometimes seem to give people, the smallest things in life make me the happiest as well as giving and receiving love (I wouldn't call love a small thing, quite the contrary ;)).



  1. your life in a nutshell... thanks for sharing, it's all good to build a better picture of a friend whom I've known (not that well!) for a long time :D

    PS love the fishies down here!!

  2. Looking forward to the next 30 days! :-)

  3. Would have never guessed you were a country girl but fun to find out! =-))

  4. Silvio: a nutshell! I'm also a big fan of the fishies ;)
    Haha! Yes, we've been in contact since around -97 I believe? That is a long time my friend!

    Emma: Thanks! That's encouraging to here!

    Lydia: Hahaha! Why not?

    Om en tjej Emma: Gulle dej!! Tack detsamma... KRAM!


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