Nov 2, 2010

Breathe in by Frou Frou



  1. Hy Linda! came from =)
    Nice blog u have.. From Malaysia with love, shahrul =)


  2. I also came from Bloggers and loved your blog.
    The only thin I didn't like is Paulo Coelho being next to real thinkers, politician and authors.
    I'm Brazilian and in Brazil Paulo Coelho is known by those who really like literature like an author of self-help books, not a real novelist.
    I know he is famous and was translated in many languages.
    Good marketing explain it all.
    Sorry for that but I had to say it.

  3. SH: Wow! All the way from Malaysia =)) Welcome to my little place in cyberspace and thanks for the lovely comment! x

    Ana: Interesting comment on Paulo.... I actually sometimes also quote celebrities or even friends aswell! I love a nice quote and find a lot of inspiration in them from time to time. They are like little reminders, regardless of who they came from =))
    Thanks so much for your comment and feedback! I truly appreciate it!


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