Nov 16, 2010

Home is where the heart is.....

After spending almost a week here in my home country Sweden, visiting friends and family, I must say this expression feels more true than ever: "Home is where the heart is".....truly.

Luckily for me (yes, luckily!), my heart is now clearly divided between Sweden and Switzerland! An entirely new feeling for me. Normally my visits back home to Sweden are ending with severe anxiety attacks caused by not wanting to go back. An anxiety that turns into great sadness and last for weeks and WEEKS after my return. Feelings of loneliness and fear (and in some cases realisation) of being left behind by near and dear ones........feelings of realising that life has moved on for everyone, without you or even for everyone BUT you.

Now, for the first time (all though I'm sad to say all the goodbyes), I am looking forward to coming home to Switzerland....
For the first time, I feel that I have a home in Switzerland and I know that my family and my real friends will always be here for me, just like I will for them, wherever we are and whenever we need each other. 

2½ years have passed since I left Sweden. 2½ years I've spent building a new life and a new home. Pieces of my heart are here in Sweden and pieces of my heart are in Switzerland.... 2½ years to realise that home is where the heart is - wherever it is. 



  1. Great post!

    I while so, living away of my country Israel, but I feel that my heart is happy here in Brazil.

    Your niece is beautiful and background music too.

    I wish you peace.

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for these kinds words....
    Happy to hear that you are happy in your new country =)) I also wish you peace.
    Thanks for following and hope to see you here again soon...

  3. That is so true, as you know i moved from my home contry to this contry and i know what you are going through. All those toughts and anxiety will get better and easier to overcome, because you know that we always be here for you..Paps...!!

  4. Jag blir alldeles varm i hjärtat, vad skönt att du "hittat hem" även i Schweiz. Kram!


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