Nov 27, 2010

Day 04 – This is what I ate today


Hope you are all enjoying your weekends so far!
For sure I am as it has been snowing like MAD here in Schaffhausen and it's absolutely gorgeous outside.

So, in this post I am supposed to tell you what I ate today, but I think I'll show you with pictures to make it at least a tiny bit more interesting ;))

Breakfast with warm Bagels, boiled eggs, fresh orange juice and Swedish coffee with Hazelnut syrup and foamed milk....

A Cappuccino while having a break during ice skating.....

Then a much needed Swedish Blossa Glögg with almonds after coming home absolutely covered in snow after spending the afternoon ice skating.

And finally dinner made by Chris, Dampfnudeln =)) 

I hope that will be all........all though I must say there is a slight risk something more will go down as we are just about to watch a movie ;))


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