Nov 26, 2010

Day 03 – My childhood dreams

I had so many.....most of them very influenced of the RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

The first dream I ever remembered having was becoming a carpenter. This one seems quite surprising now (!), especially since I never really managed to finish that many projects in the woodwork classes in school due to a complete lack of talent and patience. My feeling is that this dream was probably  inspired by my dad who was almost constantly fixing something or building something with wood during summer and I was very fascinated by the whole process.

My strongest and most frequent childhood dreams were about soccer, horses and gymnastics. I remember clearly wishing I was a professional soccer player, gymnast or rider. Then after my career as a professional athlete would be over, I'd become a coach in any of these sports. I was very sure at least one of these dreams were going to materialize one day ;))

The one dream that always remained constant was the one of love and one day having a family of my own. I was never one of those girls who played marriage or dreamt of being rescued from a tower by a handsome prince, but I always dreamed I'd one day meet "The one". 
"The one" and I would fall head over heels in love, with only eyes for each other and we would eventually get married and have children. We would never need abundance as we would find the essentials in each other and when we'd say "For better or worse" and "until death do us part" we would mean it.

I was always a very simple girl...........with a complex, highly imaginative and quite restless mind ;)



  1. I dreamed of being a teacher when I was a young girl because I admire my elementary teacher a lot. Later, when I graduated in high school I do not like to be a teacher anymore. (lol)

    Well, I believed every princess would like to find their own prince charming. Hopefully, we will find the best frog very soon. :)

  2. Haha! I see I was not the only one who had a restless mind.... I believe I have finally found my prince Charming, but let's see ;))

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I remember you said that you were going to build our house, getting it bigger when you became a carpenter,,unfortunately we had to do that ourselves,
    Love, mamsen


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