Nov 24, 2010

Launching the 30 day Blog Challenge!

Dear Sweet, Wonderful Readers,

After many if's, when's, how's and but's, I finally decided to jump on this web-train that so many bloggers out there are doing: "The 30 day Blog Challenge". It is about writing 30 blog posts, with pre-defined topics, one every day (I can tell you, for me this will not be entirely possible, but will do my best to complete the 30 posts ASAP), and these kinds of challenges exist out there for bloggers in many different versions and languages, but I have decided to go for this one:

Day 01 – Introduce myself
Day 02 – My parents 
Day 03 – My childhood dreams
Day 04 – This is what I ate today
Day 05 – My definition of love
Day 06 – My day (in detail)
Day 07 – My best friend(s)
Day 08 – Hobbies and talents
Day 09 – My beliefs
Day 10 – This is what I was wearing today
Day 11 – My siblings
Day 12 – Favourite wardrobe items
Day 13 – Photo(s) from my childhood
Day 14 – In my handbag
Day 15 – A favourite memory
Day 16 – Friends from the past
Day 17 – My dreams 
Day 18 – Memories of a birthday
Day 19 – My regrets
Day 20 – Confessions of a shop-a-holic
Day 21 – A photo of me taken more than 10 years ago
Day 22 – This upsets me
Day 23 – This makes me feel good
Day 24 – This makes me cry
Day 25 – My fears
Day 26 – I swear! It's a true story!
Day 27 – My favourite place
Day 28 – This is what I miss
Day 29 – My dreams & ambitions
Day 30 – My love

Am looking forward to get started......but must admit, am also a teeeny tiny bit nervous!
I also challenge YOU, if you have a blog, to do the same ;))

Well, I hope you will find something interesting here and I also hope to read similar posts from some of the bloggers I follow (see the right hand side of my blog ;)).

Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. oi, this is gonna be interesting...

  2. Yay, I am looking forward ......

  3. I am also looking a lot forward to this posts. Great idea I think.

  4. Thanks you guys!! I am also looking forward....but am equally nervous ;))


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