Dec 22, 2010

Day 28 – This is what I miss

I don't really miss anything big in my life. Honestly! I am very happy with my life and I have never felt more content. Hence, this post will be focused on the small things that I miss while being away from my home country, Sweden.....besides the obvious, BIG things such as friends and family.

I miss.....
- The sea
- Färska räkor
- Space (we are only a little more than 9 million Swedes on an area of 449,964 km2/
173,745 sq miles)
- Winters that are so cold that the white, fluffy snow stays for months
- Smågodis
- Summers that are warm, but don't make you sweat without effort
- "Make-your-own-salad-bars" for lunch
- Julmust
- Stockholm
- Frozen lakes that I can ice skate on (safely ;)))
- Sugar-free, flavoured, sparkling mineral waters 
- My favourite chocolate shop (I know, who knew this was possible living in the Mecca of chocolate, right?)
- Being able to go to the cinema and watch movies, subtitled, in their original language
- Store opening hours that suit a late worker
- Brända mandlar (burned almonds)
- Easily finding healthy AND yummy vegetarian food in restaurants
- Great shopping


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