Dec 5, 2010

Day 12 – Favourite wardrobe items

My favourite shoes and bags
From left to right:
1 (top pic). Wellies from Hunter in Fuchsia colour. I ADORE these!!!
2 (bottom pic). Heeled sandals from Belle shoes.
(top pic). Mulberry Bayswater. Such a classic (and it also fits my work laptop ;))!!
(bottom pic). Zebra ballerinas from Vagabond.
5. My favourite heeled ballerinas from Prada.
6. I loved these black leather ballerinas with a little metal studded bow! Bought in NY beginning of this year.
7 (top picture). My most used handbag at the moment from Michael Kors.
8. Also a classic! This black leather bag is from Burberry and is really beautiful. Definitely a favourite! I love this one because it is very discrete and has plenty of compartments that makes it also very practical.
9. A little purple bag/purse from Michael Kors with gold studs that I bought in NY. Soooo cute!
10. Amazing shoes to wear with jeans!! These are italian flats with teeny tiny silver coloured studs/pearls and I think they are really cool =))
11. A fantastic little black, heart-shaped party bag from Top Shop! Very used by now ;)

My favourite tops
From left to right, top to bottom:
1. A favourite "going out" top. Black with sequins from Velvet.

2. I think this brown floral blouse from Marc Jacobs is so adorable. Quite frequently worn.
3. One of my best buys this year! Bought at Urban Outfitters in NY.
4. This petrol coloured silk blouse comes from Bruuns Bazaar.
5. A cosy, long, grey, knitted sweater from Zara. Keeps me warm during winter ;)
6. This is my brand new white jacket from Bik Bok.
7. A great blouse from Patterson J. Kincaid.
8. Another silk blouse from Bruunz Bazaar! A very classic piece that I'm sure will be used for many years to come.....
9. A fabulous blouse/tunic bought at Forever 21 in NY this February.
10. My newest winter favourite - a wrap-around cardigan from Sandwich.
11. I'm amazed I managed to find this little gem at H&M this summer!! Adorable!
12. I love me some leopard patterns! This top comes from Saint Tropez.
13. One of my favourite things to wear right now are flannel shirts. This one comes from Vila.
14. This lace top comes from the brand "Flying tomatoes" and I love it.
15. Some colour is also needed.... This top is from Diesel.

My favourite bottoms
I am am an absolute JEANS GIRL and that's by far my favourite thing to wear every day.
Hence, most of my favourite bottom pieces are jeans ;)
From left to right:
1. Straight leg jeans from 7 for all mankind with a copper coloured chains on the pockets 
2. My absolutely ridiculously worn out True Religion Johnny Big T's. Amazingly comfy and the fit and quality of True Religion jeans is unbeatable.
3 (bottom pic). Squin from H&M in a black, shiny wash. The perfect pant for....well....almost any occasion!
4 (top pic). Again True Religion, but these are Billy's with a gold chained pockets.
5. Again, absolutely amazingly comfortable True Religion Stella's (slim fit) Super T.

My favourite dresses
From left to right:
1. Probably the best dress buy I ever made!! This is from a brand called "Hoss" and was bought at NK in Stockholm.
2. Such a classic black dress, bought from an online second hand shop called "Mint and Vintage". My treasure ;)
3. This floral dress is from Betsey Johnson and it has an amazing fit! If it wasn't for the fact it would feel boring, this is the dress I'd wear for most weddings ;)))
4. Am loving this brand new dress (surprisingly) from Bik Bok!! This one and me will be going together to our annual company Christmas party.

My favourite outerwear
For sure, this coat from Marc Jacobs is my favourite and one of the first things I would grab (in terms of material things) in case of a fire ;))
....and last but certainly not least, to the left - my favourite winter hat from William Sharpe in black cashmere with a cherry made of Swarowski crystals! Isn't it adorable? =)


  1. I like your style! Must have taken a while to pick out all these items ;) xoxo

  2. Looking forward to go shopping with you in summer!;) Chris said its gonna be amazing;)

  3. Thanks so much Katja!) I'm already thinking maybe some choices should have been different ;))

    Caro: I'm also looking forward and Chris is right - it IS amazing!! =p We should book soon....

  4. That hat is fantastic! Hope they still have it.

  5. Wow, vilken garderob du har! Minns klänningen från Hoss väldigt väl från Johannas bröllop, den är helt fantastisk! Kram!


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