Mar 9, 2010

A treasured visit, an awesome birthday party and a legendary road-trip to "St Anton"!

I hope you all had lovely weekends and that you got to enjoy some sunshine!!

My weekend was long (had Monday off) and fantastic, clearly one of the best ones in a long time..... Filled with heart-felt laughter, friends, birthday wishes, food, drinks, cosy eve's in the couch together with Aryan, "polaroid" pictures, presents, cupcakes (baking and of course most importantly eating ;)), sunshine, fun and games and a legendary road-trip to "St Anton"!

So... Why was the road-trip legendary?? Well.......I'm hoping you will be as surprised as me, but did you know there are two St Antons not that far apart?? One of them is, naturally, the very well-known ski-resort in the Austrian Alps. This is where we were going!!! Excited! Happy!

We packed the ski-goggles and off we went!
My GPS could strangely enough not find either St
Anton or Sankt Anton in Austria, so I thought to myself " actually looked like it was very close to the Swiss border. Maybe I should try searching for it in Switzerland??" ..........and so I did and I found it!!

2 hours later, we were headed up a snowy mountain, excited about what we would find when we finally reached our destination.
We stopped along the way up to make some pictures of the view, but at this point, we were starting to be slightly suspicious. Around 15 min's left to our destination and not a single sign that said St Anton?! Hmmmmm.......

15 minutes later, we were finally there!!!

What can I say?? Never trust a GPS over your own instincts ;)
At least we had so much fun AND we got to see parts of Liechtenstein!! Hehe!
This is how my friend and I got literally LOST IN SWITZERLAND this weekend!!!

Linda -Still wondering whether I should sell my GPS or take a crash-course in geography, focusing on the Alps..........


  1. Such a great weekend! As always when we find time to get toghether! Thank you so much for everything, I'm so looking forward to having you here soon;-) it'll be fantabulous moahaha ;-)

  2. Hahaha, vad knasigt!! Vilken underbart ljuvlig födelesedagshelg, och vilka kalasbilder, lyckost alla som var med där!! Kram!


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