Sep 22, 2009

You know that feeling!!?

..yeah, you know? That feeling of being connected to yourself, your mind, your heart and your soul? Vivid! Inspired!

Why? Well maybe it was the iron slash vitamin B12 infusion I got at the doctors office this morning, or maybe it is the fact that I've had a very good day at work? Possibly (surely) it has a lot to do with spending some really happy days away from "reality" by being on holiday with my LOVE.... Or maybe (or should I say very likely ;)) it's also knowing that in two weeks time I will be going home HOME HOME HOME (!!!) for a week to spend some much needed time with people I love so dearly and miss so intensly ....daily ...constantly!? My friends and my family!!! ♥♥♥

Wow! What an incredibly powerful feeling it is when you have been away from the ones who are closest to your heart for 3-12 months and then knowing that you will FINALLY see eachother again! It is completely and utterly overwhelming emotions that simply takes over and spins you around! I can barely fall makes me cry those really happy tears!! I have butterflies in my belly!
Anticipation... So much anticipation!!!

There is really no way for me to rank who I miss the most or why... I miss all my friends and everyone in my family, all in diffrent and unique ways ♥♥♥
....but this time going home will be a liiiiiiittle extra special... I will see my ex "niece and nephew in law" (Enzo & Nelly ♥♥♥) and their mother, my friend Patricia who I also miss so dearly!! There are truly no words that can describe how much I've missed them! I have known these kids their whole life up until one year ago.......and I haven't seen them since
(only in pictures). I can assure you that not many days have passed without that hurting a little...without that instant feeling of sadness in ones heart when you're missing someone so much that it litterally hurts......if you've ever felt it you will know what I'm talking about....and now I will get to spend 3 days with them! I can't wait!!! I am so excited that my heart is JUMPING!

Those are the feelings.....inspiration, anticipation, love, happiness and sadness - all wrapped up together in a biiiiiiiig bubble that is my heart....about to burst!! That's how I feel right now..........
I am going home!!

"You may be one person to the world but you may be the whole world to one person" Anonymous

The ones I love are truly my world!!!
I hope you all know that and if you don't - then I am telling you now and will hopefully soon get a chance to tell you face to face; You are all unique, I love you and you mean the whole world to me!
...regardless if you are close to me and I see you almost every day or if you are miles and miles away...

To all of you; Take care of your hearts and your sweethearts!! ♥♥♥ You are the whole world to someone just as someone is the whole world to you.
Linda - Lost in Switzerland for another 2 weeks - then home to SWEEEEEEEDEN

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