Sep 22, 2009

Red-carpet-movie-star-palm-tree-sunny-beach: CANNES

It is a wonderful feeling walking on Boulevard de la Croisette, the 12 km, palm-tree-lined avenue just by the sea, with shopping-bags in one hand and your loved one in the other....stopping at one of the little beach-cafe's for an ice
cream or a drink or having lunch in the sunshine while
watching all kinds of people walking by, people playing boule or kids riding on fairy-tale-character-carousels!

I had my best Moules Mariniere EVER and the prices were surprisingly good! In Sweden or Switzerland I am sure I would have payed almost the double... Oooh and that desert I had will stay in my memory (and a +1 size for jeans but oh so worth it ;))) for a long long time! I had a warm chocolate cake, all soft and almost a little runny inside - with a crispy surface served with really delicious vanilla ice cream and vanilla custard.... GAAAAAHHHH!

Another big plus is that the shopping is really great
Beyond my expectation....which was high!
I found most of my favourite brands and stores (a few examples; True religion, Burberry, Sephora, Morgan, Pramod, Gucci, Paul & Joe, 7 for all mankind, Zara, Armani, Mulberry, Accessorize, Ralph Lauren just to mention a few), in less than 30 minutes (just didn't manage to find Betsey Johnson or Alice+Olivia??) and also found some new favourites. Manoush is something I will watch closely going forward for sure ;)) Amazing little creations!! I think if you just check out the front of their home-page, you might instantly find the feeling I had when I entered the little shop:

"Cannes, of course, is famous the world over for its International Film Festival, which sees the city’s population treble overnight. For 12 days in May, Cannes becomes the centre of the cinematic universe. Over 30.000 producers, distributors, directors, publicists, star and hanger-on descend to buy, sell or promote more than 2000 films. As the premier film event of the year, it attracts some 4000 journalists from around the world, guaranteeing a global spotlight to anyone with enough looks or prestige to grab it!" (source:

I am not really star-struck easily, but must admit I felt a kind of weird excitement walking around in the area around the Grand auditorium, watching the hand-prints and autographs of some of my favourite actors and directors......after all - these people have had a huge influence in my life as I've spent countless hours taking in impressions from things THEY have created or characters THEY have portrayed ;))
Another fantastic thing about the area around Cannes is the Massif de l'Estérel , which is basically a range of red-rock volcanic mountains by the sea! Really really beautiful!! Unfortunately the sun was playing a little hide-and-seek the entire afternoon, so I didn't manage to capture it's beauty will just have to trust me, see the pictures below or Google it ;)!

I give Cannes 4/5 palm-trees!!
(if it wasn't for the 3 out of 4 days of rain, it might have gotten a 5 ;))!

If you go or if you've already been there, let me know your thoughts and your tips as I will surely go back!!

Linda - Lost in Switzerland again but previously lost on a make-believe-red-carpet-ride in Cannes.....aaaahhhhh!

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