Sep 28, 2009

My obsession with nice smells - Part 2

...nope! My obsession hasn't gotten any better and I honestly don't even want to find a cure for this addiction ;)
Instead, I want to shout out to the world to go on a bath-bubble-perfume-soap-wash shopping spree and make this world smell even nicer!!
Having that said, here are some blissful scents for those who'd like to try ;)

1. Philosophy has the most wonderful range of fantastic and sometimes completely appetizing shower-gels, body-lotions and perfumes... These two are my favourite bath-bubbles during fall! Either separately or in combination. Completely delicious!

2. With fall and less light comes the desire for lighting candles in the evening.... As mentioned aswell in a previous post, one of my favourite makers of scented candles are Voluspa.
I can't stand scents that are too heavy and especially for scented candles... These scents are just right (...and the "Santiago Huckleberry" is probably my all-time favourite....)!
3. Victorias Secret's range of lotions, shower-gels and body-sprays are also wonderful, allthough I have to say that a few are just too heavy for my taste. My current favourite smells a little bit like fruity candy and the scent is called "Love spell". Yum!!

4. You should never judge a book by it's cover - but this bottle below can surely be judged exactly by that! I adore this fragrance from Versace and just can't seem to get tired of it. Big plus for the pink colour and the crystal cork ;)))

5. Last but not least.....this is one of my recent favourites from L'occitane - Cherry Blossom!
What can't be seen in this image above, are the bath-pepples and the scented candle which is also absolutely amazing! Oohh-ooohhhh and on their website you can also enjoy their beautiful images of Provence...they're heavenly!

Be nice, play nice and smell nice!! Enjoy ;)

Linda - Lost in Switzerland dreaming of bubble-baths and spa-days...

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