Sep 27, 2009

Do a good deed....

...and help people in the world who are less fortunate than you and me! People who would never be able to have this luxury of what for us is simply surfing the web, or any other surfing for that matter....people who are struggling every day to get CLEAN DRINKING WATER while we are all wondering what kind of "artificialized water" to choose in our near-by convenient store....

My favourite singer, the ever so-inspiring Jewel, founded the non-profit organisation
Project clean water, in 1997.
Read more on her web-site and most inportantly DONATE!
You don't have to be rich to give-a-little! Maybe just skip your Starbucks coffe for a couple of days, have a week free of sweets (this will do your own body good aswell ;)) or maybe skip those beers or glasses of wine you had planned tonight and give a little love to the world instead?
There will be more opportunities for all those more trivial things I'm sure ;)

Donations can be made online here
or by sending it here:

Project Clean Water
c/o Boulevard Management
21731 Ventura Blvd. #300
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Thanks for listening! I hope you'll enjoy to give a little.... I did for sure!
I know I can't save the world on my own - but I can surely help and so can you ;)

Linda - Lost in Switzerland, horrified by the thought of not having clean drinking water and dedicated to give more than just a drop......

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