Sep 6, 2009

♥ I now pronounce you husband and wife ♥

"You may kiss the bride!"

These two sentences are so loaded with love and joyYesterday, I got to hear them had been a little more than a year! The beauty of these words get to me everytime...

I weddings!

Especially when you are so certain that the two love-birds joining their hands in marriage are so obviously destined to be together, just like yesterday

The past few days, the weather here has been dreadful...rainy, windy (even stormy!) and cold! ...but just like magic, all the threatening, dark clouds went back to sleep and left us with a beautiful, clear-blue-skied-crisp-sunny-late-summer-day.....and instead of the fall - love was in the air!

Congratulations M & S
Just like John Lennon stated, short and sweet; "All you need is love" and you certainly have that ;))

...and thank you so much for letting us be there with you on your special day, building a memory to last us a lifetime!

"It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life for me. And I'm feeling good...."

Nina Simon

♥♥♥ xox ♥♥♥

Linda - Lost in LOOOOOOVE in Switzerland


  1. Aww, beautiful. I adore weddings.
    Have you heard of I just spent 30 minutes browsing their website... Love!
    xo Sprinkle

  2. Ah!! Thanks! I never heard of it but just checked it out... It's lovely!! Will surely beat your 30 minutes ;)) Hihi!


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