Sep 2, 2009

My "things-I-wanna-buy-for-my-home-ASAP" wishlist and an award...

Hey everyone!
Hope you are all doing great and that you are fully enjoying the last days of summer (sad, but true)...

Yesterday, I had some girls over for drinks (actually for a friends hen-night ;)) and as always when I have people over, I start scrutinizing my home and the way it is decorated....

As I am Swedish, it's not strange to say that my general taste is very Scandinavian!
For those of you who are not familiar with that style, well the long winters and lack of natural light in Scandinavia created a need for sleek and airy interiors that could make the most of the available sunlight.... Which basically means a home that, in simple terms, is clean, simple and uncluttered (allthough I have to admit I'm starting to like some kinds of clutter more and more).
Now I feel an instant need to make my home more ME....which basically means I will have to go off my Scandinavian path and get more clutter! Having that said, here is my wish-list in complete random order:

1. I follow a blog called and found these gorgeous little cupcake baking forms! (thanks Johanna for sharing this!!).
These can be found at and I believe I will be placing
an order shortly....

2. A gorgeous little (8dl) pink, metallic tea-pot from a swedish website called!

3. I just HAVE to get one of these personalized shower-curtains!

My boyfriend is a photographer and I think his"How clouds appear" picture would make an excellent showercurtain!!
Get your own personalized one here:

4. I love scented candles and have them everywhere! My favourite brand is Voluspa and I just discovered a new scent that I MUST try - Fleur de Cocoa.
These candles are a little expensive, but have a veeery long burning time!

5. Some colourful handmade vases to put some flowers in from this little webshop:
(the perfect colours for my livingroom)

6. I already have two of these in white, but think it will be a very good idea to mix it with two of these adorable little flower-lamps from IKEA.
They are from their children-section, but I think it would be ashame for an adult not to enjoy these ;)

7. I'm also planning to have quite a few photos printed.....both for normal framing but also a couple of canvas-prints....
Here I'm basically BEGGING YOU for tips on where to turn for good canvas prints.... Anyone?

Now on to something completely difrent....
I have recieved an AWARD (Thank You Lina (!

With this award, I have to pass it on to other bloggers and share 10 interesting facts about me, so here I go (I apologize in advance, because "interesting" is very relative!):

1. I LOVE games....any kind...from Trivial pursuit to karaoke to bag-jumping! I think all parties should have a game or a theme ;) When I recieve an invitation to a party, there is always a liiiiiiittle disappointment inside of me about the party not being a masquerade...or a treasurehunt... So I'm a grown-up - it doesn't mean I don't want to have fun?

2. I am a vegetarian, but do eat fish... I have something against eating animals I could cuddle with!

3. I love watching sad, tragic movies allthough they make me cry like a baby (think reaaally tragic like Lars Von Triers "Dancer in the dark" or "Oldboy"...) Why? I think it's humbling and it makes me appreciate what I have even more...

4. I am normally a very peaceful person, but injustice and immoral behaviours can make me BOIL of anger.....

5. We pay taxes, and I admit I sometimes complain about that (well less since moving away from Sweden), but I also believe a part of our salary should always go to charity... I believe in equal rights for all and that we should all give to the less fortunate...

6. The way we iconize anorectic druggies (read Kate Moss, Lindsey Lohan and co), the whole "size-zero concept" and the way women are scrutinized by their looks makes me feel that people can be SOOOO bloody stupid and it makes me a little ashamed to be human!
...and I thought I had a tough time beeing a teenager.... Can't even imagine what it would be like today =(

7. OK, this is embarressing, but ok... I used to be so addicted to watching "The bold & the beautiful" that my mom had to tape it for me so I could watch it after my homework was done.....(and by the way - she is still addicted ;)) Sorry mom! Hihi!)

8. I LOVE SINGING and writing lyrics. I have always had a secret dream of being a singer but suffer from stage-freight and a very very below average singing voice =o/
It's much better now, but when I was in school I wasn't allowed in the choir (quite harsh actually....I was like 10?!) because of my some-what damaged vocal cords....

9. I am a feminist (allthough not militant or anything...)!

10. Peer pressure has absolutely ZERO impact on's always been like that. I've always had my own beliefs and ideas and always been proud of it (it can make me too strong-headed at times though.....that should be said!). Individualism rocks!

I pass this award on to the following fellow bloggers:

{sprinkle} tiaras atop our pastel hair;; (my far-away-half-my-age-twin ;))

"Touch my heart once and you shall never be forgotten"
This is me.....quoting that weird? =o/

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones (and try to also give some spare cash to charity...if you have any)........and keep SMILING!

Linda - Still lost and very tired from yesterdays Switzerland


  1. Ang canvas... mitt råd är att INTE använda dig av postfoto eller något företag kopplat till dem (finns bla i Tyskland, men osäker på vad de heter där). tror jag stenhårt på, men jag vet inte om de fraktar till Schweiz förstås:)

  2. Shower curtains!! Must try ASAP :D LOVE!!

  3. Tack Johanna!! Det ser toppen ut... Har mailat en forfragan ;)

    Oh yeah Aryan! Isn't that cool? =p

  4. Men för helvete. Jag blir ju ruinerad om jag ska fortsätta läsa din blogg. Gah!

  5. Oh thank you so much! In reference to a past post of yours- Waitress is one of my favourite films ever! And it has such a sad real life story with it.

    I better think of some 'interesting' things (you're quite right- interesting is definately relative!)


    Yours were interesting by the way x

  6. Tessiloo; Jag har samma problem sjalv...skont att fa lite sallskap i shopping-trasket! Hihihi! Puss

    Wonderlander; Very well deserved! Thanks.... I do look forward to reading yours =)) I'm sure they'll be very interesting too!

  7. Tack Linda :) Jag har varit bloggfri denna veckan pga alldeles för mkt jobb men nu såg jag ju att du gett mig utmärkelse igen. Stort tack för din inspiration och för ditt alltid lika positiva sätt. And by the way. Jag förstår vilket problem du hade med din fd boss./ J


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