Jan 2, 2012

Belated, but here goes: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

So the time has come to look again into that rear view mirror, ponder upon its reflections and at the same time, make plans for the new year, without the help of any magic crystal balls. 2011 was a great year, but something tells me, the best is yet to come....could 2012 be it? For sure, the potential is there.... I can't remember ever having been happier.

2011  Since this was a year of many new beginnings, for sure a mix of different feelings! I was feeling a bit of separation anxiety, leaving my old job....or well, that was mainly about leaving the team. I felt very very angry for a while due to some really stupid and also some non fact based comments made by people in my circle of aqaintances. Luckily this anger passed quickly and I simply had to remind myself that everyone is entitled to their opinions and it's not my job or business to change them.....nor will I ever change mine as a result. Other than this, 2011 has been filled with feelings of immense happiness, joy and finally a great sense of calm. I have finally found a place that feels like HOME.
2012  I'm hoping that this year, I will feel as happy as in 2011. I hope this feeling of calm stays.... 

One of my favorite shots during our trip to Camogli in Italy
2011   We started 2011 by spending 2 glorious and relaxing weeks in the Dominican republic where we got PADI Open Diver certified. We also went to Rome in April, Sweden in June, had a fantastic diving weekend in Camogli (Italy) in August and went to London just recently.
2012  So far, only 2 weeks of fixed holiday plans! We will go for 2 weeks to Sweden in end of July with Chris's youngest sister and her boyfriend and we are sooooo excited about this trip!! We will probably "travel around" for one week and stay in the archipelago in a little house by the sea for one week. On top of this, we are talking about several destinations and timings, but nothing is set yet..... It's a kind of blank page ;)

Life changing events
2011  As loosely predicted in last years new year's update, indeed I left my previous company for a new opportunity and moved to the other side of the country.....this was certainly life changing! Not sure if more is needed here? ;))
2012  I think I prefer to leave this one blank for now. Let's see, shall we?

2011  No mind-blowing meetings in 2011 that can compete with my dinner with Paolo Coelho in 2010. On the more personal side though, I have to say I have met some really really lovely people this year (some who I now am really lucky to call good friends). 
My cute little niece, Cindy, cuddling with her grandmother (my mom), Anne
2012  The only meetings I am really dreaming about is the ones with friends and family. I really really miss my friends from back home and hope that this will be a year where we have more time to see each other. I am especially looking forward to see my niece/goddaughter again!! She has grown soooo much and is now both running around and talking!! On top of this, I might have the pleasure of hosting one of my blog friends, Maddie, for a week this summer =)

Blog happenings
2011  Well.....not really a "happening", but I made some revealing posts about myself this year, hoping to make people realize that you can never judge a book by its cover and got an amazing amount of reactions from an amazing amount of people.....all positive actually. There were 2 posts, where the first one was deliberately provocative and probably the most difficult post to publish of all my blog posts. The second post is in my top 10 in terms of number of unique visitors.
2012  Am hoping to finally be able to post a long promised interview with one of my favorite singers....let's see. I know she is incredibly busy so am not keeping my hopes too far up on this one. Maybe I'll jump on board one of those blog challenges again if I have enough time and I'm also hoping to do another series of guest bloggers.

I chose this picture to represent my new job as it so frequently brings me to
Professional achievements
2011  Got a new, great job!
2012  My professional aim for this year is simply to do my very best! No plans to change anything this year.

2011  If I were to pick a few highlights, I'd probably go for:
....and I also rediscovered 3 of my old favorite songs:
2012    Lucy Rose is working on her new single and I am very very keen to hear it. Am also looking forward to hearing something new from Ingrid Michaelson and/or Rob Thomas!!

My first time downhill skiing EVER! In this pic, a veeeery shaky Linda ;)
2011 Projects...hmm....well maybe I could mention the 10km run I did during the Lausanne marathon? I started running in September and since then, I have been running 138km's. Fantastic feeling to track and measure each run (I LOVE the Runkeeper app!!) and to feel ones fitness steadily improving. 
2012  Am really hoping to take some downhill skiing lessons as I only started skiing in 2011 and so far only went a few times and I am truthfully really really scared  when it gets a bit steap, but have as a goal to ride down blue slopes without fear this year.

2011   As always, I have watched plenty of movies. Didn;t find a new Pan's Labyrinth but I really loved Barney's Version, Inception and Arrietty the borrower.
2012  Among many others, I can't wait to see Hugo, The Hunger Games, The Descendants, The Hobbit: An unexpected journey and Disney's Brave.... Am also reeeeaaaally keen to see all of the movies on my amazing xmas gift, "Studio Ghilbli collection box" =p

2011  I've had a record number of Cheese fondues in 2011 and soooo much nice Italian food after many many trips to Italy this year (2 Italian trips on a private level and countless business travels).
2012  Honestly? I can't wait to go to Sweden this summer and eat all of my favorite foods! Am also looking forward to cooking more at home this year now that we finally have a nice kitchen!!

To finish off this post, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you all so much for your support during 2011! YOU are what keeps me motivated to keep this blog alive and your comments mean the world to me.
HAPPY 2012!!! May this be the year when all your hopes and dreams come true 


  1. Wow girl, that's quite a list of resolutions! Sounds like 2011 was without a doubt an impressive year, here's to 2012 being able to fill its shoes ;-)

    Happy New year, Linda!

  2. Happy new year derest Linda! Am looking forward to be following you in the new year also.

  3. Elisa: Thank you Elisa and Happy New Year to you too!! I am very excited about 2012 =p I love when you stop by! x

    Lydia: Thank you! That means a lot =) x


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