Jul 15, 2011

My most annoying post EVER!

Moment of truth (and extremely hard to write for someone Swedish).....

I am successful!
I have a great job!
I don't look too shabby!
I have a few talents!
I have a man who is great and who loves me!
I have an amazing circle of friends!
I am ridiculously happy!

....this is why many people hate me. Sorry (well not really...) for being provocative, but that's just the truth.

Why are people like that? Spending so much time on being hateful when they should be focusing their energy on finding things that make them grateful?


PS. Never forget that there are two sides to every coin ;)


  1. I do not know why the people are like this sometimes but it is true! I like the honesty. Yo go girl!

  2. Easy its easier to hate than to be tha change. Keep it up though Linda, haters are gonnna hate. You just keep balling.

  3. Lydia: Thanks =)))) You too ;) x

    Jordan: That's probably right.....and I will keep it up for sure!! Hehe! x

  4. My mum used to say that hate is poisonous and a person who hates, poisons their own mind!

    It's a competitive world and the jealous and envious just don't have a good attitude. Ignore them - being successful is the best revenge :)


  5. Thanks Sue!! Your mom sounds like a very wise lady....and so do you ;) xox

  6. hi, being generous being loving is not that easy as we think, you have to ignore that many things that many people, but one thing is sure if you care you love you are gonna shine.


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