Jul 15, 2011

Some words about music.....

I must admit, for someone who considers herself to be quite open minded about many things in life.....as it turns out, I can be quite lost in my bubble when it comes to some topics. Music is one of those topics. You see, for me, music is not about beats or rhythm....for me, music was always poetry in motion

I always believed everybody felt the same about this genius equation of notes+words. I thought that everyone, just like me, would at least occasionally turn on a song, turn up the volume really really loud, lay down on their beds and drink in every single word of a lyric, feeling it's meaning and letting it touch them all the way into their very core.......moving them to tears or smiles. Now I know, some people don't have the faintest idea what I'm talking about, but they get similar kicks out of the beats or the rhythm.....and I don't have the faintest idea what they are talking about either ;)

Looking back at my 30-something years of life, I can, because of the way I feel about music, easily unpack an emotion from a moment or a phase in my life that has been in my archive since years and years, simply by turning on the song that was played at a certain point on repeat (in typical Linda fashion ;)) and it will instantly bring that same emotion to life (...please allow me to clarify, to avoid misunderstandings, that I mean the emotion I felt then ;)). I can also remember every lyric that ever moved me in some way...by heart...and I was always very grateful for this ability!

So here goes....a selective list of emotionally powerful songs, from some of my most admired artists, that I have FELT (Yes! I feel this music....), over the years (this list could have easily been of 100 songs, but I'll share only the most frequently played songs to spare you....a bit!!). I also added some favorite quotes from their lyrics:

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

Jewel - Painters
" Cause they were painters and they were painting themselves a lovely world.
Until one day the rain fell as thick as black oil and in her heart she knew something was wrong. She went running through the orchard screaming 'No God, don't take him from me!', but buy the time she got there, she feared he already had gone! She got to where he lay, water-colored roses in his hands for her...
She threw them down screaming, 'Damn you man, don't leave me with nothing left behind but these cold paintings, these cold portraits to remind me!
He said, 'Love I leave, but only a little, try to understand. I put my soul in this life we created with these four hands. Love, I leave, but only a little this world holds me still.... My body may die now, but these paintings are real.'"

Jewel - Kiss the flame

"Please love let's make no impartial vow. Let all fall away that's not crucial now.
I want a brave love, one that makes me weak in the knees. I want a crazy, crazy love
One that makes me come undone at the seams...
'Cause I'm tired of all these pilgrims, these puritans, these thieves, of all these unbelievers
who whittle love down at the knees.
Let these swift roads destroy themselves, let the world fall into its sleep, for we shall be spared, we shall be left standing, to face what's left of concrete and honey....Kiss the flame"

Missy Higgins - The Sound of White
"Like a freeze-dried rose, you will never be, what you were, what you were to me in memory. But if I listen to the dark, you'll embrace me like a star, envelope me, envelope me..." 
"My silence solidifies, until that hollow void erases you, erases you so I can't feel at all.
But if I never feel again, at least that nothingness will end the painful dream, of you and me..."

Live - Overcome
"Even now the world is bleedin', but feelin' just fine, all numb in our castle where we're always free to choose never free enough to find. I wish somethin' would break cuz we're runnin' out of time...and I am overcome."
"These women in the street pullin' out their hair. My master's in the yard givin' light to the unaware. This plastic little place is just a step amongst the stairs....and I am overcome."

A Fine Frenzy - What I wouldn't do
"If we were children I would bake you a mud pie, warm and brown beneath the sun. 
Never learned to climb a tree but I would try, just to show you what I'd done!"

Sarah McLachlan - Wait
"Under a blackened sky, far beyond the glaring streetlights, sleeping on empty dreams, the vultures lie in wait.
You lay down beside me then. You were with me every waking hour, so close I could feel your breath...
When all we wanted was the dream, to have and to hold that precious little thing.
Like every generation yields, the new born hope unjaded by their years"

Ingrid Michaelson - So Long
"I am soft for only you. Impale me with your tongue, it's true
And slices of me piled sky high, the same old me to the naked eye....but I can't find myself tonight"

Joshua Radin - One of those days
"Wait right here", is all she said to me and so right here I stay.
Time has reached our home and I've been left alone, it's carried her away
And everyone keeps saying, "Nothing helps but time", time is all I own.
...and time won't stop replaying aver in my mind, I watch the hours slow down."

Toto - I will Remember
" I went driving last night on a dark canyon road. Had the sky to myself, but I wasn't alone
Had the pain of my lifetime for my company. How did it end up like this, for you and me?"

The Weepies - Can't go back now
"You know there will be days when you're so tired that you can't take another step,
The night will have no stars and you'll think you've gone as far as you will ever get.
But you and me walk on..."
"I can't really say why everybody wishes they were somewhere else
But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself..."

Ingrid Michaelson - The Chain
" The sky looks pissed. The wind talks back. The bones are shifting in my skin and you my love are gone"

Sarah Mclachlan - Lost
"I want it all to go away I want to be alone. Sympathy’s wasted on my hollow shell...
I feel there’s nothing left to fight for, no reason for a cause..."
Unfortunately - there was no official video or even a really good one, so I will only share a link to one YouTube clip where this song is used: http://youtu.be/RmADYIdDO9U

Close your eyes as you LISTEN to these songs. Now THAT, my friends, that is art....for me...and there is not a lot that impresses me more that people who can write such beautiful music....and I suppose this is as close as I've ever gotten to being high.


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