Jul 12, 2011

Boredom and its consequences...

Things I do when I'm bored....
- Watch movies.....and I mean LOTS of them!
- Miss friends, family and Stockholm....and imagine what I would do if they were right next door to where I'm at...
- Start to watch a TV series that I've previously heard of but never before got around too (am right now watching Cougar Town and it's really really fun! If you haven't started, I sincerely recommend you to ;)))
- Read my favorite blogs and try to find new, interesting ones
- Pester people with humongous amounts of Tweets! ...and when I Tweet while being on boredom, that's when I also start Tweeting about all of those trending topic #topics ;)) ..
- Look for summer houses in Sweden and dream about decorating it.....
- Shop online
- Think about delicious and surprising food combinations that I could use to write some new recipes
- Pester people even more on Facebook!
- Go to the gym for training while watching CNN (we don't have a TV at home....by choice).
- Edit some of the thousands of photos I've taken and upload the best ones on JPG Magazine online.
- Overdose on coffee
- Blog
- Go for walks
- Read interior decoration or science magazines
- Solve crossword puzzles
- Checking LastFM to find new music
- Dream about writing a book or becoming a much better photographer!
Things I probably SHOULD be doing when I'm bored....
- Studying German
- Sorting out some stuff for the upcoming move
- Calling people (but for some reason, I'm not a big fan of talking over the phone more than occasionally).....
- Doing even more back exercises
- Going for even more walks
- Calling back all the headhunters and recruiting agents that have left messages in my voicemail, letting them know I'm not available for offers.
- Find out HOW to be a much better photographer or HOW to write a book
- Feeling incredibly guilty for all of the above things that I should be doing instead of what I AM doing!

So that's my week so far..... What are you up to?


  1. Superb art.. I think when we get very bored then we get such ideas of making beautiful art.. Fantastic post.
    Kitchen Cabinetry

  2. ok, I was going to post a totally different comment but I forgot what it was as soon as I read you are going to MOVE! Where to? Not out of Switzerland before we meet in person, pretty please!

  3. Herbert: Why thank you!!
    Elisa: ....not going that far...off to Vaud and probably the area of Nyon, Rolle or Lausanne ;)) ...and just let me know when you'd be up for a meet! I could easily get on a train to Zurich from where I'm at now! Would be fun! xox


I read and treasure all your comments..... Thank you for taking the time! x