Jul 28, 2011

The roller coaster called life....

Scared, happy, excited, sad, relaxed, angry, relieved, exhilarated, nervous, stressed, confident, not so confident ;) Well....I must say I'm amazed by all these different feelings that I've been having lately and they are all related to the upcoming change of jobs and moving to another side of the country.
The last few days it has finally dawned on me that all of this is really happening and it's stirring up so many emotions! I guess the only red thread I have managed to find in this entanglement is Gratefulness.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am grateful:
for the opportunity that came my way.
- that I had the courage to take another life changing decision.
- that my life is never boring...or plain.
- for the time I've had with my colleges and peers (I've learned so much from them!!)
- for the chance to get to know another area of this beautiful country and its culture.
- for finally realizing that you can only be completely in control of the changes YOU make...not the change of others.
- for the chance of meeting many new people, who I will continue to learn from.
- for all the support and encouragement received lately...even from very unexpected sources.
- for some of the luck that came our way, making this change less difficult.
- for the ability to FEEL all of these things!!! In the end, this is what makes life so interesting and rewarding ;))

"Life is a roller coaster.....there will always be ups and downs....but in the end, it's the twists and turns that you will remember forever."



  1. very wise words..and you are so right!!
    love mamsen

  2. You are right... :) Let's go for it :)).


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