Jul 7, 2011

Things on the mind of a slightly frustrated 30 something blogger....

First of all...don't worry......I know the frustration I'm feeling is only temporary.....I'm not loosing my mind, nor my normally positive spirit.....but some things have been on my mind lately and I need an outlet, so apologies for that ;))

In random order, independent of frequency or durance of these thoughts, here we go:
- Why is it always the carnivores who say things like "Phhhttt! Why must there be such things like veggie sausages or veggie meatballs?! Why can't vegetarians just eat vegetables?". Uhhmmm, what's it to you anyway? I love soy sausages and Qorn balls!! Can I eat them in peace please?

- Ok, so I recently hurt my back (Lumbago) and it makes me look a bit like a Cheese Doodle...or Quasimodo like some who have seen me might say.....the pain also makes me shake, visibly.....and every single time I have to "walk" to my physiotherapy sessions, people's eyes almost pop out of their heads, staring at me. Does this give me the right to punch them? Or at least carry around a water gun that I can aim and shoot with, should the looks not seize within 3 seconds? ....or would this turn me in to the female version of Gollum (Gollam?!)?

- Why is it that even above the age of 30, some people and processes still have the ability to make us feel like school children? Example..... Chris is right now serving 3 weeks of FORCED military service. For what reason? Switzerland is always neutral. Is it to protect Switzerland from other countries trying to steal their cheese or chocolate (not that I'd blame them.....it is DELICIOUS......but you see my point, right)? Or how about this one, calling in sick to work (due to my injury) and receiving an e-mail telling me I better ensure I have a doctors certificate.... Seriously? At the age of 32 you think I'd play hookie? C'mooooon!

- Why are there so many people on Facebook who instead of finding and spreading joy in/with it, just complain about what people post and with which frequency? The solution is definitely understandable even for dummies: Just.Unregister.Or.Log.Off. 
Man, some people must have lived too easy lives if this is what they call a problem.

- Why are there still so many un-environmental friendly yoghurt packaging materials used in this country? This is surely a dairy-nation and people eat a lot of yoghurts. Still, the biggest packs I find for my yoghurts are 150-250g's....in PLASTIC! What a waste!! Why not use 1L recyclable Tetra packs? Unfathomable.... 

Hmmm.....I think that's all....and yep, thanks! I do feel better now ;))
Feedback on this? I'm all ears.....



  1. Loved your rant. You made some very good points! Hope you feel much better for it!!! ; P (ps. i always think that about yogurt!)
    Dressology HQ


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