Jul 8, 2011

For me, joy is.....

....in the anticipation of waiting for your loved one to come home after spending time apart.
....falling asleep, window slightly opened, listening to the sound of heavy rain.
....knowing that you have friends and family who you love and who love you for who you are and who are always there when you need them.
....feeling warm and gentle rays of sunshine on my skin.
....running towards friendly faces in the arrivals area at the airport when going home.
....smelling things you love! Like the sea, a lake, freshly cut grass, jasmine, sun-warm strawberries, freshly brewed coffee and most importantly, that scent of the one you love...you know the one you can smell hidden in the back of the neck?
....kissing the one you love.
....in the kind words coming directly from someones heart, telling you how they feel about you.
....in adventures...any kind!
....discussing your dreams and how to achieve them...together!
....eating my favorite ice cream with candy sprinkles.
....diving and exploring life under water.
....finding little heart shaped things unexpectedly, in food, nature or even in the clouds.
....receiving or showing kindness from/to a total stranger.
....being really hungry and then closing my eyes while eating my favorite food, enjoying every little bite.
....finding a quiet spot in the forest, preferably in a tree, listing to bird twitter while the wind lightly breezes through my hair.
....watching my little niece grow up.
....waking up to the smell of coffee.
....eating and baking cupcakes.
....achieving something physically difficult, like hiking up a mountain, after having thought "I cant go another step!"

....jumping into the cooling sea after a hot sauna and then floating on my back while stargazing.
....making people laugh or smile.
....capturing special moments, memories and places with my camera.
....the sound of laughter.
....finding a new song and playing it on repeat while singing out loud!
....being able to be outside, enjoying nature and all its glory.
....picking blueberries and wild strawberries in a sun warm pine forest and sticking them on a piece of straw.
....watching an amazing movie that grabs a hold of your heart and shakes out every emotion you possess.
....achieving what someone said was impossible.
....falling asleep and waking up next to the one I love...with a smile on my face.

What is joy to you?


  1. I really enjoy reading those little notes... I'm always curious to see what's newly posted when I come back to your blog once in a while...
    On one side, it gives me some link back to my home country and then it's written by an 'expat' which is like my living away from home but still enjoying life to the max... keep it up! For me, joy is... reading Lindas blog and take some inspiration away :)

  2. Oh wow.....thank you Petra!! I think that was one of the nicest compliment my blog has ever received.... A million roses to you for keeping me motivated!


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