Jul 3, 2011

First weekend of July!

Dear friends,
Hope you all had a lovely weekend so far!! I for sure had... (.....well, that is until yesterday evening...explanation to follow...).

I had a really good session in the gym on Friday evening to kick-off the weekend. Then came home and had a nice, quiet dinner with Chris and then edited some photos that I took while we were in Sweden (I took around 1 500, so you can imagine it takes a bit of time to finalize ;)).

Saturday, we went up at 7am to take photos of a bike race in Schleitheim called the GoldenRace. A lot of fun I must say! Especially since we biked there and back and as Chris's sister was competing and she's really a skilled mountain biker! The pictures in this post are some of the ones I took during the race.

In the evening, we had a really really lovely dinner with Chris's parents. The food was great (as always) and I got to practice my German a bit (oooohhh so needed!).... I also got a pair of really nice bike gloves from Chris's mom, which was a nice highlight!

Today, Sunday, I was planning to:
- Be outside enjoying the beautifully sunshiny summer weather
- Go for a jog or a bike ride
- Have a swim in the Rhein
- Make a picnic for lunch....

....but am instead:
- In pain
- Watching the sunshine from the inside
- Laying on the sofa with my legs in a 90 degree angle
- High on painkillers
- Full of self-pity
- Stretching...lightly.
- Trying to recover from acute Lumbago....
- Wondering how this could happen?! A few days ago, I was playing soccer and doing cartwheels....
- Frowning.

Well well.....at least it could be worse ;))
Hope you are all enjoying your Sundays and wishing you a great start of the week.

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