Jul 25, 2011


...and at a loss for words....
This has been my state of mind throughout the whole weekend...ever since I heard the horrific news about the event in Norway where cold-blooded attacks were carried out by the far-right extremist by the name of Anders Behring Breivik, from which its death-toll is still left to be determined and its victims are mainly children....all that I hear in my head are questions based on WHY and HOW? How can anyone be so evil? Why was this done? 

It appears that his aim and mission was to spread his poisonous and ignorant opinions to the world by a 1500 page written manifesto and all though I'm also asking the question "Why?", I sincerely hope that this manifesto will be kept away from the public! I also hope that his trial will be behind closed doors as if his opinions and explanations are spread, it will be what he wanted and his mission will have succeeded!! There is no question about IF he did this...this is a fact and he has already admitted to it. I think with this in mind, his rights should have seized and his wishes should remain un-granted.

I urge you to read this brilliant article composed by Boris Johnson in the Telegraph:
"There is an important lesson, therefore, in the case of Anders Breivik. He killed in the name of Christianity – and yet of course we don’t blame Christians or “Christendom”. Nor, by the same token, should we blame “Islam” for all acts of terror committed by young Muslim males. Sometimes there come along pathetic young men who have a sense of powerlessness and rejection, and take a terrible revenge on the world. Sometimes there are people who feel so weak that they need to kill in order to feel strong. They don’t need an ideology to behave as they do."

I also hope that Norway won't be changed by fear of further attacks....that they will remain at least as open as they have been and that, indeed, they will not be scared off by terrorism but instead, they will answer to this by being even stronger, more open and democratic than before.

My heart goes out to all of the people who have lost their loved ones in these unfathomable and horrific attacks.... I know words are of no comfort to you right now, but please know we are all with you in our thoughts.

Some links where you can read more:
Swedish: DN
German: Spiegel
English: BBC

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