Aug 1, 2011

A hike among the clouds - Appenzell

Coucouuuu Dear Readers! Hope you all had a sunny weekend! At least in your minds ;)

It's Monday and the Swiss national day, which means that in Switzerland, we are off today..... So first of all: Happy Birthday Switzerland!!

Yesterday we went on a lovely hike in the Appenzell region with Chris's family. It was a wonderful day!! Unfortunately, the sun didn't feel like accompanying us, so the photos don't really do the feeling of hiking justice, but all though we had lack of visibility, it was really great walking amongst what felt like the clouds.  Also, the air was soooo fresh!! Thanks to Danny and the iPhone app called "Run Keeper", I now know that the hike was 7.75 km's with a climb of 1004 meters and excluding the breaks (it's a must while hiking to sometimes stop and seep in the beauty of the landscapes and of course, to have some refreshments ;)), the hike took us 2 hours and 35 minutes. Not that I was ever really in doubt, but now I know for sure that I have to get myself an iPhone ASAP!! ;))
Choosing paths... 
At the start of the hike, we had a lovely little brook on the side of our path. 

Stopping for refreshments at Sämtisersee

At the top
It was VERY muddy on the way up!

The view from the Bergbahn on the way down...
After the hike, we made a stop in the little charming town of Appenzell where we had some drinks at one of the many sweet little cafes. We also bought some regional specialities, like chocolate and cookies and also managed to find a new favorite cheese in a little cheese shop.
My mouth is watering.... I love Swiss cheese!!!

I'm telling you.....the cheese on the right is to die for =p

Typical Appenzell style of houses
The perfect day!!

Now continuing the celebrations on this much needed day off with some relaxation while consuming some of the stuff we bought yesterday and hopefully, finishing off with some nice fireworks in the evening ;))


  1. Thanks for the post Linda. The magic of being lost in Switzerland is the beauty hat you can always find while finding your way home. My wife and I have been living in for Lausanne for a year. We are currently at home in Australia for the summer break (winter here but swimming most days at the beach) and as much as I love the ease and comfort of being in Australia, there is so much I miss about Europe and Switzerland. Your cupcakes look awesome.

    Cheers Rob

  2. Hi Rob! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! I've never been to Australia, but I do agree that Switzerland is absolutely beautiful =)
    I stopped by your blog and will be following you. x Linda


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