Aug 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!!!

Wow! Time flies and it is again time to celebrate the 2nd birthday of this blog (belated)!!! 

To align to the blogging tradition, here is a reflection of my second year as a blogger (the past year in review if you will):

Blog Birthday: August 7th 2009
Number of posts: 298 (this is 299)
The first post:
The most fun post to write (for some strange reason, I like to share embarrassing stories about myself):
The post I'm probably the most proud of: 
Since the last blog birthday, I have...
....tried downhill skiing for the first time ever!!
....managed to finally get my PADI Open Water Diver Certificate
My little niece, Cindy
....celebrated the 1st B-day of my little niece and God daughter and she has started to walk!!!
....bought myself a Mountain bike! A great investment... Thanks Chris for insisting =))
....climbed a tree for the first time in years (and it's still soooo childishly fun!!!)
....found myself a new and exciting job (still in Switzerland, but in the French speaking part, meaning that I will continue to feel pretty lost from time to time ;))
....found a new, great friend!! Nicole, I am so happy to be able to call you my friend!!!
....travelled to Sweden a few times, the Dominican Republic, Rome (twice!!), Poland (Warszaw and Katowice), Paris, Germany (diffrent locations) and last but not least - many places here in Switzerland...
....improved my photography skills and hope to further do so as I just invested in underwater housing for my Canon G10.
....baked a lot of Cupcakes (not to mention the eating of them)!
....spent countless of hours in the gym.
...learned a little bit of German (finally ;))
...."met" some really nice, new (to me) bloggers (they are on my list of blogs that I'm stalking ;)).
....had some of my very best friends come here to visit us.
....very spontaneously booked a trip to Italy this weekend that we will spend diving, enjoying fine Italian cuisine and watching at least a couple of sunsets.

The Facebook fan page for this blog has grown from last years 155 to this years 223 followers!! THANK YOU!!

....and last but certainly not least, I am still very much in love 

In other words, it has been another amazing year!
The last year in retrospect......
Thanks to all of you who have been following and reading my blog... Thank you for all your comments, kindness and amazing support! I love to interact with you and you are the reason and motivation that keeps this blog going. I hope that you will continue to stop by. As long as you do, I will continue to blog ;))



  1. I am new and want to make you happy birthday for the second compliblog, soon Elettra

  2. Congratulations!!! How exciting and impressive! And I love your celebratory post, so interesting. Always love visiting your blog.
    Dressology HQ

  3. Happy Blog-birthday!

    Vilken fantastiskt foto på Cindy, förstora upp och ha som tavla tycker jag!
    Vilket år du har haft, underbart! Kram!!

  4. oh congratulations linda!! so exciting : )
    happy birthday blog!

  5. Elettra: Thanks a million and welcome!! Hope to see you here again soon ;) x

    Sada: Thanks dear!! That means a lot coming from you!! x

    Emma: Tack snallaste!! Har samma ide med fotot pa Cindy men vantar pa inflyttningen ;))) Hoppas du har det toppen!!! Kram!

    Lina: Aaawww thanks sweetest Lina!!! =))) xox


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