Aug 31, 2011

Diving weekend in Camogli

Sometimes, I forget one of the biggest advantages of living in magical Switzerland: The closeness and accessibility to other amazing places ;)) 

When living in a place like this, there is so much to enjoy inside of these borders and hence, it is very easy to forget or feel the need to go elsewhere. BUT, before I decided to accept the new job opportunity we did have plans to go for a week to Sardinia for diving. With this upcoming job change we had to however put that thought back on the shelf and this has been a bit disappointing as we want to maintain our diving skills now that we finally have our PADI certificates.

With this in mind and an empty weekend ahead, we spontaneously booked a weekend of diving in a little Italian fishing village called Camogli (not far from Portofino) on the Ligurian coast. A drive of about 6-7 hours......pretty amazing!!

We used BB Diving Center. A great PADI dive center with super friendly and accommodating staff. We did 2 dives and the amount of fishes we saw were surprising. The Portofino area in which we were diving is a marine protected area and this is probably the reason. We saw many different fishes, mainly small ones, but also met a Moray and some pretty big Groupers. I would love to go back there one day and explore some of the other diving sites!! Especially since we never got to see any Dogfish ;))

Oooohhh and I finally got to use my amazing birthday gift, a diving computer, which makes the diving even more fun and interesting!! .....not to mention it makes keeping your diving logs up to date MUCH easier!

We also had some time to explore the area and relax (thankfully) and hence, could enjoy our dinner on the Saturday watching a beautiful sunset from a great restaurant overlooking the sea..... If you go, I would give this place my warmest recommendations!! The food was delicious and well cooked and it had a very romantic atmosphere ;))

La Bella Italia!!
The fishing theme of this village was not hard to spot ;))
I give you: Camogli!
A gorgeous little lighthouse on the pier
Lots of doves....
An appetizer on the pier
Me walking up to Ristorante Rosa
I LOVE mussels....and their mussels were very good!
A local speciality.... Panzotti - a pasta with nuts. Soooo good!!!
The magical sunset....captured from the restaurant terrace...
A little beach in a nearby village called Zoagli...
....and I had some Gelati of course (...and yes I know, I look a bit like a horse in this pic ;))
Stunning sunsets!!

Ciao for now ;))


  1. Nice pictures, I like!!!!
    Bellisima la italia!
    Congratulations for the blog

  2. Hello Toni! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your very nice comment =) Much appreciated.... Hope to see you here again soon! x


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