Jan 25, 2012

Photo blog: The long weekend in review

There are pros and cons of living far away from home......an obvious con is living so far away from your near and dear ones, but the pro, or the "glass half full perspective" to that is the amazing feeling of having one of your very best friends visiting you when you haven't seen each other for more than 6 months!! Simply amazing.... It was as if time had stood still. Here, some snapshots:
We went shopping and tried on some glasses....and yes, we are meant to look ridiculous ;))
...and I actually bought these =)))
On Sunday, we went to Les Rousses in France for an afternoon of skiing =)
We had soooo much fun!! It was the first time Madde skied in 15 years or so.....
Not the best weather, but the best company!
For dinner, we had Crepes....
...they tasted divine!!!
Such a fabulous weekend!!! The only bad thing is that it went by so fast.....


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