Jan 9, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

Oh yaaaay! I just got the Kreativ Blogger Award from one of my fellow Bloggers! Such a lovely surprise!! It's been quite a while since I last received one, so this really made my day..... 
Thank you Cherry ❤  

These awards normally come with some sort of request to answer questions or to write something with a specific theme and this award is no different in that sense ;)

 1. Link back to the person who gave you this award
 2. Complete the form below
3. Award 10 other blogs and let them know in a comment or email
4. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself

Here it goes....
1. NAME YOUR FAVORITE SONG:  Eeehhhh as in ONE song? Nooo c'mon....eeeek! OK, if I was really forced to choose, I'd probably go with The sound of white by Missy Higgins.... I think this is the song with my biggest emotional attachment.....it's actually massive....just a few notes and my eyes start to overflow. 

3. WHAT TICKS ME OFF: Injustice, general ignorance, racism, cruelty to animals and abuse of power and/or religion.

4. WHEN I'M UPSET I: ....feel as if I could replace a large-sized power plant with the energy within me. Luckily, it happens very rarely.... To calm myself down, I blog about it if the reason is not too private or do some sports to release the energy and turn it into something good, always accompanied by music that fits my mood. If my mood is sad, I listen to someone who is sadder than me to put things in perspective. If I'm angry, well then the same principle applies and I listen to very angry music.

5. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PET: I have had numerous pets while growing up, so I am sort of taking a break from that.....also because I don't feel we are home enough for the pet to be happy with us at the moment. I do dream of one day having a dog though....perhaps a Beagle ;)



8. EVERYDAY ATTITUDE: When I put my heart into my efforts, I believe I can do and achieve anything ♥ I also believe that happiness is a choice.

9. WHAT IS PERFECTION? Something only applicable for things, that many people constantly strive for in themselves or in others, not realizing that in the end, what is perfection for them is not necessarily perfection for everyone else. Something that creates an unrealistic pressure and makes people unhappy beyond logic, reason and in some cases, also beyond ethics.

10. GUILTY PLEASURE: Movie or TV-series marathons, Cupcakes, almond dragees, popcorn, cheese and, luckily, also all kinds of sports ;)

1. I don't like to talk on the phone and I am really bad at keeping in touch with people via the phone in general.....meaning this also applies to SMS messages etc...
2. I have started to love running, but if it wasn't for the "Runkeeper"app, I probably wouldn't run a meter.... I need to track and measure my running performance to keep it interesting so I always run with my iPhone.
3. Wearing high heels is the most uncomfortable thing ever! I only wear them if I have to.... This doesn't mean that I don't love to watch or window-shop them though ;))
4. I am probably the worst person in the world at ironing.
5. One dream that has never quite faded away all though I never truly gave it a go, is the dream of writing my own songs.....
6. I haven't quite learned to take in compliments and I feel the most uncomfortable if/when receiving them in public. I get the shivers just thinking about it.
7. I don't have TV by choice. I don't like the way it "makes me" watch things I don't even really like, just because it's there....
Vertika of Vivacious Blog
Carissa and Andrew of andrew+carissa

I thank you for the inspiration.



  1. Aw..Thank you sooooo much Linda, you're such a darling and Congrats! you deserve it. <3


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  3. Thanks Linda! It's my first award :) So happy!

  4. Verty: You too ;)) x

    Tanvon: Why thank you!! =)) x

    Carried Away: Your first? Wow! Happy to have done the honors ;) ...and it never gets boring to get them either! Hehe! x

  5. Hello Linda :)First of all, i absolutely love your new profile pic. You look stunning in close up.

    Second, I had a great time reading this post. Thanks for sharing a bit about you. I didn't think twice passing the award to you. I listened to your chosen song and I loved it. The truth is I love your taste of music. Like really lol. By that, I invited you to be my first guest's playlist post! You know, if it's only OK with you. This is how it works: e-mail me your 9 fav songs and the artists. you can also include YouTube link to every song so my readers can directly visit and hear your song selection. I'd be happy if you accept this invitation. My playlist guest posts (absolutely no Q&A portion involve lol) will start by the 3rd week of January and I'd like you to be the first. :)


  6. Cherry: Why thank you for your very kind words!!! <3
    I would love to contribute.... Will send it to you this week. Thanks for thinking of me.... x


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