Jan 31, 2012

By request: Current Beauty Favorites


  1. Thanks for doing this post! I love to see what other ladies use. I've been using Bare Minerals for 6 years. Love it, but starting to venture into more cream based foundations. We'll see how I like it...

  2. Erleene: =))) Actually, for me it's the same... I'vebeen using Bare Minerals for a couple of years but am now also trying out the cream foundation that you can see in the post above from Benefit (Some kind of gorgeous). It's not completely covering, but more smoothes the skin tone and then I use the mineral foundation for touch-ups, kind of like a concealer...mainly changing now in winter as my skin is drier than normal. What are you trying instead of the Bare Minerals? x

  3. I love love love love looooooove BADGal! Where do you buy yours? Globus and Jelmoli both carry benefit but everything cosst at least twice as much as in the US! Eeeek!

  4. Oh yes! The one make up piece I could never do without!! =p
    I have to travel quite frequently to Milan for work, so I normally buy the Badgal mascara at Sephora at the Milan central station. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can find it here: http://eu.strawberrynet.com/makeup/benefit/#12509
    If I find it cheaper somewhere, I'll let you know! x


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