Jan 28, 2012

In my corner of the world....

Left to right: Sweat pants and Hoodie from Abercrombie.
Black ankle boots from ASOS.com
French manicure.
Fluffy, fury home boots from H&M.
Jeans "Stella" from True Religion.
Beige boots from Diesel.
Currently, I'm:

Happy about: Having weekend and especially happy that this very Saturday is without plans! Am also very happy that I went for a 10km run on Tuesday =)) It was certainly not a fast run (1:04:51), but it was pitch black and there are also a lot of hills here..... On top of this it was really spontaneous. I just wanted to go for a run that was a little longer than my standard 5km's and it just felt so great that I just wanted to continue and once I had reached 7km, there seemed like no point in stopping until I had managed 10km.
I also recently did quite some shopping (see top right picture).... I bought a pair of jeans, two pairs of boots and some new cosy clothes recently that I just LOVE....and did a new French manicure. Yep, this makes me happy! 
Disappointed about: You know....I love living here in Switzerland, but must say, I get easily fed up of all the paper work it requires. Nothing ever seems easy or straight forward and everything is managed by paper with signatures. I wish they would move forward and adjust to other means of managing this (such as e-mails, SMS approvals etc.). It's like it's never really possible to just relax, because there is always a letter to write and post to someone, somewhere. I guess if you never had it differently, you don't think about it, but it has made me realize how lucky I was in this sense, living in Sweden.
Looking forward to: Hopefully having visits of some of my amazing friends in both March and April! Am also looking forward to go home to Sweden for a long weekend at the end of February (my dad is getting married AND turns 60!). I will finally see my little niece again and I can't wait =)))))
Listening to: Red Face by Lucy Rose, over and over again..... She is so talented!! This live session could just as well be the actual recording, it's so well performed.
Also have the new single from Owlmother, You can not be touched, playing in my head (and on my Spotify).
Hoping: To confront my fear of the chair lift again tomorrow when we go skiing....well, of course as I'm scared, parts of me simply doesn't want to try it again ;))
Wondering: If I should sign up to run the 10km in the upcoming race in Lausanne and if yes, what a realistic goal would be in terms of time. It is a lot more uphill than the 10km's I did during the Lausanne Marathon....hmm....
Thinking about: What questions to ask my next Interview "victim" ;p 
Planning: A lot of things actually....the details about our trip to Sweden in August and also checking out some details of another trip idea that is soooo exciting. Will share more if the idea turns into something concrete....
Smiling about: The same idea as I'm mentioning above...again.....more to come...maybe! 
Wishing: That companies would give up on dress codes. Honestly, I have no idea what to wear anymore now that I'm not allowed to wear jeans. Jeans look fab! ...and besides, half of my wardrobe consists of jeans, just sayin' ;) Yes yes, I know......a modern world problem.
Sad about: Chris has a VERY important exam on the exact date of my birthday, so I will be spending it alone....and yes, I know I know, it's just a birthday, but I've never ever been alone on my birthday before and I STILL LOVE BIRTHDAYS =))
Wanting: Can't decide on the color, but I am head over heels in love with these watches above on the right from Marc Jacobs!
Feeling: Great and happy, but really really tired in my body from all the sports I've done this week.... Am even wondering if my legs will be able to properly carry me on skis tomorrow =) Anyway! It's all worth it! I feel as if I'm in great shape again after all those years of just sporadic training and a back that was constantly giving me troubles....like another life. Grateful! Yes, that's it! I feel grateful!



  1. The gold watch for sure! Very classy!

    Congrats on the 10K and you should definitely sing up for that upcoming 10K. I hope to be able to do that someday! And hooray for your trip home to see family. That will be nice.

  2. I say the gold one too. It's so chic!

    I really admire that you do so much sport. Look at your arms in that picture, so fit! I need to start exercising again...

  3. Erleene: Thank you =) I must admit it's so hard for me not too feel proud about the 10km's considering that less than 5 months ago, I couldn't even consider running longer than 4km's =)) x

    Carried Away: Thanks a lot for that encouraging comment!! I must however laugh a bit, because I see what you mean with the arms in the picture, but the truth is that the position in which I hold the camera tensions the muscles, making the muscles more visible ;)) Anyway, yes! Exercising is really really great! I feel so much better both mentally and physically since I got the routine back....and it's quite addictive! x

    Both: Thanks ladies!!! Gold it is =p xox


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