Jan 7, 2012

That post-holiday feeling.....

The first work week after the holidays is done and I must say, I never found it harder to ramp back up again. During this holiday, I managed to get completely relaxed and I didn't have to work even for a minute!! I can't even remember the last holidays I had where I didn't have to join at least one meeting from home, or at least receive a call from someone.... Probably I had forgotten what it is like to really have a break and now, once I've tasted it again, must say, it's the best thing ever!! Hence, the difficulties this week ;)) 
Some snapshots from the holidays:
Our little village, captured from a walk during Christmas
I went to Morgues for some shopping.... It's such a cute town!
We went to St Cergue for night skiing....only Chris skied. They only had red slopes opened and I was too scared ;))
For a while, the snow nearly melted away completely....
I went running many times and this is my usual view. Gorgeous!
Cheese fondue on New Year's eve
Mom and Kalle, enjoying their first fondue!

....hmmm....maybe more our 100th fondue?? ;)
My mom and I built a snowman....and I namned him Frosty, just like my sweater!
Like mother, like daughter ;))
We visited Lausanne
Where we had some Starbucks.... Gingerbread Latte, of course =p
We also had Raclette
.....and I found this little guy in my cheese =)
We went to Montreaux and had a nice walk by the lake
...and I played some more with my new curling tool from Amika!
With this post-holiday feeling in mind, I left work early on Friday and did the grocery shopping (to have that over with). When I came home, there was a plate of freshly baked cookies at the entrance from our amazing landlords (how great is that?! ...and they tasted divine btw ;))!! I then went for a 6km run while it was snowing (which feels amazing!), came home, did some strengthening exercises, stretched, took a looooong hot bath and then, while waiting for Chris to come home, I cooked pizza for us while sipping on a glass of red wine.....and just when I didn't think the day couldn't possibly get any better, Chris stepped through the door with a bouquet of flowers for me! I am truly blessed.
The cookie plate =p Do you see the two cats?
The before: Heading out for a run in the snow
The after: As soaked as if I had a shower and there is obviously also some steam in this photo =))
The flowers!! Aren't they beautiful? <3
The veggie pizza! This one with tomatoes, fresh garlic, mushrooms, fresh basil and mozzarella..
Now it's Saturday morning and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for what's coming up in a couple of hours..... I am nervous, but excited. My legs feel like jello thinking about it. I am curious to find out if I can really do it. This afternoon, I have a 2 hour downhill skiing lesson!!!! I hope I come back without broken bones =o/ Wish me luck!

I wish you all a lovely weekend!



  1. Great blog Linda enjoyed reading it goodluck with the ski lesson - break a leg ;-) Ur like carrie Bradshaw ! Keep it up :-) David

  2. Hehe, I was about to say it was NOT our first fondue :-). Great skiing today :-), I am impressed :-)

  3. Here here, the most difficult week of the year!

  4. David: Thanks so much for stopping by and for the good luck wishes!! It actually went great!! =)) x

    Chris: *Blush* Thank you! I am so happy we went! x

    Little t: Nice to "meet" you! I checked out your blog and really liked it! Thanks for commenting.... x

  5. Underbara foton Linda!! Gillade verkligen det på när snön smälter och man ser de röda kängorna. Fint :) Ni ser ut att ha haft ett underbart jullov! KRAM


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