Jan 10, 2012

The deception of "perfection"

Don't worry, stop trying so hard and let go of this unrealistic pressure.....you are beautiful just the way you are! ...and trust me, if there are people who think you should look like the images of people in the photoshopped posters and photos we see everywhere, these are NOT the people you really want to be with. Somebody out there thinks you are perfect already. Maybe not photoshop picture perfect, but perfect for them. Don't settle for less.



  1. I remember seeing this a while ago and it definitely resonated with me. Although I do a lot of retouching in my photos, I try to not mess with myself too much and concentrate on the lighting and levels in the photos.

  2. So then we can skip that saying, "photo never lies"!!!

  3. Erleene, Anonymous: My personal opinion is that editing of a photo is sometimes a must. Cropping, lighting, levels etc. is a way to capture what was really there in reality, that our cameras couldn't capture. I also think when photographers make their photos into art, retouching and/or HDR is also ok and sometimes even needed...it should probably be mentioned though..... I think we cross the line when we completely alter an image as per the first video clip. Also, by doing this, we are basically saying she is not good enough as she is.....which I don't agree with. I guess the problem is that our eyes and minds get used to these kinds of images and so, the pressure is on.... It's actually very sad. x

  4. Agreed! It sends the wrong message to girls who are already under a lot of societal pressures to look a certain way. There isn't a single photo in a magazine that hasn't been retouched, even the supermodels in the victorias secret catalog get there skin smoothed out.

  5. Nuts. I had seen the first video, but not the second one. No matter how many times I look at stuff like this, it's still shocking. Na like that nutritionist said, it doesn't really land on you when you are reading magazines, you just think "wow, she looks so gorgeous!!"

    We are so gullible. And they are half criminals - false advertising!


I read and treasure all your comments..... Thank you for taking the time! x