Jan 15, 2012

Learning to ski.....pleasure or pain?

Linda, lost in a dream of learning to ski....fearlessly...
Well.....I would be lying through my teeth if I told you it is an entirely pleasant experience, learning how to ski downhill at this age.... It is however certainly not a lie to tell you that all though at times, I am terrified, with knees as shaky as a minor earthquake and muscles so exhausted from all the breaking that they can barely carry me any longer, the good moments, the crisp, fresh air, warm rays of sunshine on my face and the minor beginners triumphs make up for it all.

We are so fortunate as we have skiing slopes all around us here and the one we go to has a perfect beginners slope, color blue, and another one so Chris won't get too bored, color black, and in the morning, there are almost no people around! On top of this, the ski pass is less than half price versus the fancy, hip and massive skiing resorts that most people go to around here ;))

Truth be told....I probably look so silly when I ski that if this was 10 years ago, I would have cared too much about the risk of having people laughing at me to ever take on this challenge, but now, frankly speaking, I just don't give a toss. Everyone was once a beginner and for sure it is also easier to learn when you are a child. My problem is that patience is not my strength....not at all actually and all though it is entirely unrealistic, a part of me hoped I would already be flying down red slopes by now, looking fierce, feeling fearless, the beginner label completely washed off, but in reality, it's more of a "2 steps forward, 1 step back development" I am going through. The step back representing moments, like today, where the confidence is really building up and I feel as if I'm ready to master the steepest part of that blue slope where I am always breaking all the way down to flatter grounds in sheer terror, just to in the next second, loose my balance for the fragment of a second because of some tiny distraction and down I tumble. Oh well.....one day, with lots of practice and equal portions of patience ;))

Here, some photo evidence of our past two weekends of skiing/snowboarding....
My teacher and me, last weekend! My 3rd time on skis... Feels so great to have someone monitoring and helping!
She taught me a trick to avoid using my shoulders too much when turning

A freezing -16 degrees upon our arrival today....
.....but the sun came out and very quickly warmed us up!
Lovely Greta and I, enjoying the sun
Chris, as happy as a clam!
Paolo and Chris, taking a break after taking on the black pist for...I guess the 5th time or so?
Chris on his board....looking just like it should (and looking like I wish I could look in my wildest and most unrealistic imagination;))



  1. I haven't been on the slopes in years. I remember hating it though. Good luck! It looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. Thanks a lot Erleene! I hated it the first time, but now it's really growing on me ;)) x

  3. Wow! I don't know if i'll die trying to learn ski (looks like so difficult and dangerous for beginners) or in extreme coldness (I'm not really used to cold. Blame our weather here. :-/). lol. I'd like to experience the adrenaline of skiing! Okay, i'm so jealous right now.

  4. Ha haaa I must admit it makes me a bit happy that someone other than me thinks learning to ski looks and sounds like a scary experience.... Most people I know already skied since they were kids and have little sympathy for the fear! It is really so much fun though and you even forget that it's cold after a while.... x

  5. Seems so fun, I haven't had chance to learn. I guess i was a little bit lazy here. I am in Ausrtria. xo, Nataya

    1. Nataya: It is great fun!! If you don't have too far distance to the nearest Austrian slope, try it =)) Thanks for stopping by and for your comment! x

  6. Gorgeous photos doll and it looks like you're having a blast!!!

    PS. Following you too now gorgeous! Come visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  7. Good for you! I have always, always wanted to learn how to snowboard and from your inspiration, I think this will be the winter I do it!

    PS- I love your blog!



  8. Skiing is so much fun :D and it's easier than snowboarding ;]
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  9. I am not a snow person and I only skied on one of the beginner slopes in Big Bear, but you guys look like you are having so much fun! And I admit I have been tempted to learn to snowboard ;-)

    Have a lovely time!

  10. Marina: Indeed,w e are ;)) Thanks for stopping by! Will check yours out tonight or tomorrow.... x

    Katie: Thanks for your lovely words!!! Oh yay! Go for it ;)) ....and let me know when you've tried! x

    Joanna: I'll have a look! Thanks =) x

    Elisa: Wow! Big Bear must be grand? It is getting more and more fun and less and less scary....besides the chairlift. I think I will never warm up to it =(( x


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