Jan 14, 2012

Photos from a train window

I spent the last few days in Milan for work. When I go there, which you will know I do quite frequently if you read this blog, I always travel by train..... The train is just more convenient than flying as it only takes 3 hours from Lausanne with the direct train. 3 hours can however get quite boring sometimes. Especially if your internet connection breaks down while traveling through and around the mountains.... What I sometimes do to make the time fly by faster is challenging myself to take a good shot with the iPhone through the train window. Not as easy as pie, trust me.... The fast movement, the unexpected tree branches and whatnots and the, let's call them, not exactly well polished windows turn this into quite a challenging task ;)) This time, I'm however quite pleased with some of the results..... Pleased enough to share them with you and at the same time, give you an idea of why taking the train is sometimes a good option to flying.
Taken close to Stresa in Italy....an absolutely gorgeous place!
Stresa, Italy
Milano Grand Centrale
Not entirely sure, but I think this is close to Brig in Switzerland
Could be either Italy or Switzerland.....must be close to the border somewhere.
In Switzerland for sure, probably close to Montreaux. Also a stunningly beautiful area!!


  1. hi!Linda
    awesome pictures. no doubt Switzerland is beautiful, the images just mesmerize and make me remember the days in Switzerland. Thanks for awesome images.

  2. Tanvon: Thank you!! It's my pleasure to share these! I am one of those annoying people who always have their cameras flashing so it has to be worth while somehow, right? ;)) x

  3. OH I loved all these on instagram! Made me feel like I was there on the train with you!

  4. Erleene: What a lovely compliment! That's exactly what a person behind a camera wants to hear ;) x


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