Feb 3, 2012

Snow storm running - A true story

Tonight I was home from work pretty early, so I wanted to go running as it was still light. ....and well....yes....it seems that I sliiiiiightly underestimated the weather. On the top of the hill, after about 1.5 km's of running uphill, the thermometer showed -14 degrees and as you might be able to spot in the video, I am barely moving forward while trying to run, as the wind was simply pushing me backwards =)) Call me a freak for filming this, but I thought this is a kind of "one off"...and honestly, I thought my fingers would fall off due to the cold, which is why the video is quite short! ....and another funny thing is that here I am still blissfully unaware of the challenges to come, namely, snowdrifts up to the thighs that there was no way to avoid besides going back again....and well.....that was simply not an option......so I went through them! Ha ha haaaa! No way of filming those unfortunately ;) What an evening......
In the end, I managed .......
- to survive
- 5.5km's 
- with one slightly twisted ankle
- some back pain while avoiding to fall flat on my face, thinking that one of the smaller snowdrifts was hard while instead, I sank right through it while running downhill 
- and with gloves that need to be seriously disinfected or thrown away (I will spare you the details....but I will say this, -14 degrees in these conditions is C.O.L.D) ;))

Now I'm sitting in the sofa, enjoying the fact that it's Friday, feeling some kind of light adrenalin kick from this experience while enjoying a glass of wine.... TGIF!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Wahaha you are mad!!! :-) puss

  2. ....I am afraid I have to agree with you this time ;))) Puuuuss


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