Feb 13, 2012

Obsessions to survive the winter....

I love winter...I do....but now I've had enough and can't wait for spring to arrive! Until then, here is my winter survival kit.

1. I can NOT stop playing this amazing song by Florence + The Machine on repeat!!!! Certainly making this exceptionally cold winter more pleasant ;)

2. H.O.T   C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E
Must be made from real chocolate (no sugar packed powders) and preferably with a pinch of chili added ;)

3. My Abercrombie hoodie with lots of artificial fur to stay warm.
I have literally moved into mine.....and I intend to stay inside it until this winter is over! Today it even came with me to the office, despite the dress code.

4. Winter running
Such an incredibly refreshing feeling and running on the soft snow feels good for the legs and joints!!
....still some snow on the hat ;)
5. How does anyones lips survive the winter cold without a jar of Smith's Rosebud salve? A classic and I probably use mine 5-6 times per day in winter....
5. Keratin complex from Coppola to spare the hair through all the blow drying!
....oh and the light coconut smell doesn't exactly hurt either ;)
6. My leather gloves!! Wouldn't leave home without them.....
7. Gadi hand care set! 
Bought mine in London and I love it!!! It's like magic for the nails and hands.
8. Ingrid Michaelson's new album "Human again"! 
It's absolutely FABULOUS!!! Favorite track varies from day today, but right now my favorites are "Palm of your hand", "End of the world", "Blood brothers" and "Ghost".

9. Bubble baths with Philosophy as my faithful companion ;)
10. Making all kinds of warming soups!!!
My Jerusalem Artichoke soup with Parmesan crackers
What do your winter survival kits contain?



  1. Glad you keep yourself warm during the winter Linda! Anywayz, just dropping by to say Happy Valentine's Day! I wish you and your love will have a fabulous time celebrating this love day. :)

    Always, Cherry

    PS- my February guest's playlist has been post. You might like to check it.

    1. Aaaawwwww thanks Cherry!!! Happy Valentines Day to you too sweetie! I'll check out the playlist asap ;) x

  2. ... with temperatures in the two-digit minus you should definitely also add the following product to your list of cosmetics... especially when doing outdoor stuff :)


    1. Ooohhhh interesting!! Will have to check it out! Thanks for the tip =) I just "invested" in a jar of Creme de La Mer though, so it will have to wait a bit.... Hehe! x

  3. The soup, hot chocolate, running and Florence I can go with. Your menus always look amazing. But I'm looking forward to moving back to the land of everlasting sand, surf and sun in July . cheers Rob

  4. Thanks Rob!! =)
    Oh wow! Moving back? For work or just longing to go back home? x


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