Feb 4, 2012

My interview with UK singer, Lucy Rose

I am ridiculously happy to post the below outcome from my interview with one of my current favorite singers, the lovely Lucy Rose. 

I first bumped into Lucy Rose's music on youtube. After having listened to another song, by another artist, her song "Night bus" came up as a recommendation. I played it and was mesmerized by her soft and amazingly beautiful voice.... Now, she is one of the most frequently played artists in my Spotify account.

For those of you who don't know her or her music, first, let me provide you with her wiki bio.

Lucy Rose is a Warwickshire-born singer/songwriter. She has notably contributed vocals on the Bombay Bicycle Club albums Flaws and A Different Kind of Fix.

Lucy Rose never played her material for anyone until she left home after completing her A-levels. At eighteen she moved to London and began experimenting and performing with other musicians. It was at this time when she met Jack Steadman, the frontman of Bombay Bicycle Club. After becoming friends Steadman asked if she would like to perform vocals on a song he had written and was recording. The acoustic album Flaws came out with Steadman on lead vocals, and Rose performing backing vocals most notably on the titular track Flaws, as well as others on the album. She also performs some backing vocal duties on Bombay Bicycle Club's new album, A Different Kind of Fix.

Lucy Rose often plays with a band though the only constant member is a guitar player Björn Ågren. The other members change. She has two singles out called Middle of the Bed and Scar, whom Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club helped with by singing backing vocals on as a returned favour. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_rose

- Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I'm 22 years old. Currently recording my album in Rowington with my friends. Sitting by a log fire with my dogs. About to head to America with Bombay Bicycle Club supporting and singing with them for a month. 

- What you are most excited about at the moment?
The album and 2012. Touring, gigging, everything. 

In your own opinion, what is your biggest musical achievement so far?
I'm not sure. There are things that I've loved, but it's so difficult to know what an achievement is.
When we released Scar we did a little instore at Rough Trade and over 400 people turned up. That has been one of the greatest moments. 

- It must be very hard being a young woman trying to break her way into the music industry. How are you coping with everything?
I'm surrounded by friends that I trust. The people that play in the band with me are all close friends and I have a really good relationship with everyone I work with which makes things a lot easier. 

- Do you think it is more or less hard for a woman to make her way in the industry today?
I don't think it makes a difference, you've just got to write good songs.

- What inspires you to write? 
Everything, books, films, personal experiences. And of course music. 

- What music do you listen to yourself?
Neil Young, Joan Armatrading, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Nico, Beth Orton.

- Do you get recognized now, walking down the street? ...and if yes, how does it make you feel?
Sometimes at gigs, but that's it. I don't mind it but don't love it. 

- I stumbled across your music  by chance on youtube. It was your song "Night bus". It is such an amazing song (and your voice is BEAUTIFUL)! What inspired the lyrics? 
A friend of mine was going through something difficult and this song sort of came out of me. 

- Do you have any specific goal you'd like to reach with your music and if yes, what?
I'd like to make a career out of it and that's it. 

- What instruments do you play? 
Guitar, piano, drums, bass and clarinet. 

- When did you know you wanted to be a musician? 
Not sure, probably about a year ago. 

- You are obviously very talented... Is it natural born talent or did it come with a lot of hard work?
I don't practice that much, but I'm not sure I'm very good, so I don't know. 

- Which is your own favorite Lucy Rose song?

- Any alternative career paths that ever interested you? 
Maybe being an accountant. 

- Describe your dream concert and audience?
A concert where people enjoy themselves is a dream. 

- In which environment do you feel most inspired? 
When I feel a little down and lonely. 

- If you could chose musicians to collaborate with, who would they be?

- Do you have any plans to come play in Switzerland?
Yes I'm hopefully coming to Switzerland this year. Played a gig in Geneva last year and loved it. 

- What advise would you give to other women out there, still trying to find their way to where you are today?
Keep working hard, don't rely on the industry, you can do it without them. 

- If you could ask the readers of this interview for one thing that could help your career moving forward, what would it be?
Spread the word, please tell your friends if you like it.....

Thank you Lucy for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this!!

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  1. Linda, thank you for sharing this. I knew about Lucy Rose but not that she is having a new single released. Will check it out :-)

  2. My pleasure ;) You definitely should check it out! It's great! Hope you enjoy it.... x

  3. Gotta love Lucy! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I liked it very much, the magic in their songs are incomparable. I have seen the live concerts of many wedding singer in UK but nik has always attracted me with his songs, I think he is one of the Best wedding singer


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