Feb 20, 2012

Today's outfit

Going for dinner with friends in Poland, dressed in:
Shirt from Hilfiger
Jeans (Stella) from True Religion
Boots from Diesel
Jacket from Kookai
Watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs

This is my first attempt ever to blog using my iPhone.... Hope it worked ;))


  1. Cute outfit. I try to blog from my phone but i can't seem to figure it out.

  2. Thanks Erleene!!
    I didn't manage to get my signature to follow, but I'm blogging from the Blogger.com iPhone app. Seems to be working quite well, just less functionality =)) x

  3. You look great on photo number one. Mmmmm.... I guess you need more practice with blogging from your Iphone... Teasing.. But honestly the two photos seem to be in sync.


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