Feb 12, 2012

1351 days

Time goes by so fast and yet, it is so unnoticeable.... I have now spent 1351 days in Switzerland. That's 193 weeks....or 3 years and 8 months....and yet, in so many ways, it still feels like I just moved here. I know I look older, but I don't really feel older. I know I have learned and experienced a lot, but I can for sure not account for 1351 days?! Maybe around 300 days where I remember exactly what I've done with who without cheating by looking back in my calendar. Isn't that strange?

I don't feel as if I'm wasting time...really...I mean it! Not at all....but at the same time, isn't this quite a missed opportunity? What would you do if you right now found out that you have 1100 of spare days to spend? How would you spend them? With who would you spend them? Would you seize each and single day or would you also find yourself wondering where 3/4 of your time went? ...and isn't it quite a coincidence (or perhaps not at all) that a similar share of ones time is also either spent at work or recovering from work? ....and yet so much of our time and energy is spent on making impressions, presentations, analysis, achieving a certain status, meeting deadlines and meeting the right people....achieving success (?).....making a career.

I actually really enjoy working.... I do. But I think I need to start turning more of my time into precious moments, turning moments into precious memories and memories into life..... Life is precious and sometimes, we forget this...and confuse trivial things with things that really matter...



  1. Words to consider carefully! Thank you for starting my day with such a thoughtful post!

    Dressology HQ

  2. Great post :). You are so right..

  3. Sada: So nice to see you again here!!! ....and to see you blogging again! =)) x

    C: Merciiiiiii! x


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