Feb 25, 2012

Happiness can be......

- Coming home again for the first time in AGES and being greeted with warm hugs and kisses from your incredibly missed friend!
- Being taken out to dinner to your favorite restaurant (East), where the food is so delicious that it makes my mouth water by the pure thought, by that same friend.....and she knows you DIE for this food.
- Coming home to her place after dinner to find that she has even bought you presents (crazy girl ;)) that are SO YOU and they are even wrapped with Cupcake pattern gift wrapping!!
- Staying up way too late, catching up on everything and nothing.
- Having a loooooong breakfast together....sharing, laughing, remembering, dreaming and planning.....
- Having a friend who has proactively tried out the best place in Stockholm for your favorite pastry to ensure you don't waste your time (or your calories for that matter ;)) on something that is simply not worth it.

Happiness is being lucky enough to have a friend like Aryan..... I love you sweetheart!!! Thanks for everything!

Sadness on the other hand, is having to say goodbye to that same friend, not knowing the exact date of your next meeting.
Some spicy Kimchi 
Korean pancakes
Asian Shrimp Cocktail but with Nordic shrimps.... Honestly one of the best things ever!!!
Cupcake theme on the outside.....cupcake theme on the inside ;)) Someone who knows me well!! <3
....and she had even bought me lactose free stuff =))
In this box lies a little piece of heaven!
Swedish traditional pastry: Semla!
The bakery "Vetekatten" in Stockholm even makes them in lactose free versions!
Now I'm on the train on my way home to see my family and friends in Köping and hence, more emotional meetings coming up ;))


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  1. aw, it sounds lovely! You made me think of my friends and what it'll be like the next time we meet after being apart for so long.

    have a wonderful time with your family!


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