Mar 3, 2012

A February weekend in Sweden

It had been way too long (I believe June last year?).....honestly, I don't go home nearly as often as I should or as I want to. Hopefully, this will change once my new job is less new to me and I will have more time in the future.

After having spent the first evening and morning with my friend Aryan, I travelled on by train to Köping, where my family and my oldest friend (Madde) lives. I stayed with my brother and his Josefina and their daughter (my precious little niece, Cindy). The feeling of seeing your family again after such a long time is almost many things have changed and yet, you can always pick up exactly where you left off. Nothing feels unfamiliar or strange. It is as if just the presence bridges the gap....the gap being the time you've spent apart. 

It was an amazing weekend! Mainly spent cuddling and playing with my niece, but also attending my father's and Paula's wedding, hanging out with my mom and my stepdad and I also spent half a day shopping with Madde in a nearby city called, Västerås.

I have fallen head over heels in love with my niece and saying goodbye was not easy =(( The good news is that they will probably come to visit us in late spring/early summer...

I am back home since late Tuesday evening. Feeling refreshed by having been surrounded by an abundance of love....but unfortunately, on top of all the precious memories gathered, I also brought with me some kind of vicious "flu" that had me stuck in bed throughout most of Thursday afternoon and Friday. Still feeling a bit sick, but it was surely worth it ;))

Some photos:
Here she is, my little angel niece, Cindy <3
Cindy and me
Cindy as a little fairy princess ;)
My dad and Paula
The wedding cake! So cute!
Mom and I went for a walk around Strömsholm

Spring was in their, but had not yet melted away all the ice....
Madde after our shopping spree ;)
At the airport on my way home, I finally got the change to eat my favorite food: a Swedish shrimp sandwich
Honestly, I could by a ticket to go home just for this! Tastes like heaven =p
This weekend will be spent recovering from my "flu", editing all the photos from Sweden, planning our upcoming holidays and hopefully, if I feel better today, getting some fresh air!

Oooohhhh and by the way, if you want to see a real nailbiter, watch "A lonely place to die"!!! Not a feel good movie, but a great action flick that had us almost out of breath yesterday evening ;)

Enjoy your weekends!!


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  2. Det är så tråkigt att du måste åka hem igen och att det är så sällan vi ses...längtar efter dig!! puss &kram, mamsen


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