Mar 7, 2012

I've been tagged!!

So, Cherry from the blog "A day with me" has tagged me. Being tagged comes with some rules which are:
1. You must post the rules.

2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and create 12 new questions for the fellow bloggers you plan to tag.
4. Tag 12 people and link to them on your blog
5. Let them know you tagged them.

So here goes....... 12 fun (?) facts about me:
1. I never bothered to learn how to do Crawl, so I swim like a grandma: Breast strokes with my head, always above water ;)
2. Allthough I love watching and buying nice shoes, I avoid wearing heels as much as humanly possible..... I hate walking in those things!
3. I love birthdays and never get tired of having them! I wake up with a smile on my face every year.... I don't really care about my age.
4. One of my favorite things to eat, especially if I don't have a lot of time to cook, is Fishsticks with Macaroni, mayonnaise and ketchup! Many people find this combination incredibly weird....but I love it =p
5. Back in 1994, I submitted a slogan for a very popular Swedish chocolate. I won and a few weeks after, I could see my wording, my slogan, written on advertisements literally everywhere! They are still using this slogan to this very day and even though there is no direct evidence that it's actually because of me.....well....a bit of a coinsidence, no? ;)
6. My parents wanted to name me "Maria", but my big brother prefered "Linda" from a book he was reading, called "Linda's laundry day".
7. "Foods" or drinks I can not get enough of (read "I am obsessed with" ;)): Hot chocolate, Popcorn, Cupcakes, anything with Coconut flavor, Cheese fonude, Shrimps (the Nordic kind), Cola light, Strawberries, Flavoured Soy Latte's, Mango, Avocado, Thai and Indian food (in general), Sushi, Pinkberry's frozen yoghurt, Ben & Jerry's, Pancakes/Crepes, Cinnamon buns, Caramel sauce, Italian food, Soft ice with sprikles or nuts, Salty liqorice, Chris's homebaked Butterzopf, and almost anything with warm lentils.....
8. The last time I did something really different with my hair was 13 years ago! I had bangs and it was horrible as it kept separating. After this mistake, I never dared to try anything that could be called a "hair style".
9. I am a "lipgloss-o-holic" and always carry with me at least 3-5 different kinds in my hand bag or jacket pocket.
10. One of the next challenges I'd like to take on is underwater photography. I already have the camera house, so now I only have to improve my diving skills before I get started.....
11. Sometimes I wish I was doing something completely different in terms of work..... I am a supply chain manager, but sometimes I dream about having a little Cupcake cafe where people can come and read their favorite books, blog or just chat with friends and family.
12. I am a Pescatarian, meaning I eat only fish and meat.

12 Questions To Answer:
1. What does Urban Dictionary say about your name? Check it out!
Linda Spanish or italian for "Cute girl".
Mira, aqui viene Linda. mira a Linda que linda es...
Prettier than thou!

PS. Please note that this is a copy+paste of what the Urban dictionary is saying!!

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Sexism....especially in the workplace. Sexist comments almost makes me want to punch someone in the nose and I sometimes have to work hard to contain my temper.

3. What's your favorite line from a book?
“When each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”
From "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

4. Are you a day person or night person?
I would say I'm a "Anything BUT a morning person".

5. If I give you a flying carpet, what place comes into your mind that you want to visit first and why?
These days, it's all about going home to Sweden to visit the friends and family that I miss so dearly....but of course, since I have this amazing tool at my disposal, I'd also take it for the occasional trip to New york or to a nice far away beach as well ;))

6. If your life was a book, what would be the title and why?It would be called "To be continued...." as I have the feeling the best is yet to come.

7. If you could be in a TV show, which would it be and what character would you like to portray? Why?
I really don't want to be in any TV shows.....but if I was forced to choose, maybe I'd be Miss Piggy in The Muppet show! I used to love the Muppets when I was a child.

8. If you are a time traveler, what time in the past would you like to go back? Why?
I would go back to 1994'ish......before my grandmother passed away. I would take her with me to a SPA so she could have some nice, relaxing time which she so desperately deserves. Then I would hug her and tell her how much I love her, how much she means to me and what an amazingly beautiful person she is. I would also take Chris with me as I would have loved for them to meet and I'm sure she would love him and be proud of and happy for me.

9. Do you cook? If yes, what's your specialty?
I looooove cooking!! I wouldn't say I have a specialty though, but like to vary a bit..... I very very rarely use recipes though. I love cookbooks though and never get tired of looking in them, but I mainly breeze through them for inspiration.

10. Do you have a phobia? If yes, what is it? How do you handle it?
Snakes and heights and honestly, I'm not managing them at all....... I only try to avoid facing them as much as possible.

11. What is your opinion about online dating?
A great way to meet people in a very casual way. It's also much less uncomfortable and independent as you don't need to have anyone going out with you to do it, but can be managed even from bed in your PJ's. Of course it comes with risks, but so does any other normal dating.....or living in general for that matter ;) Both of my parents (who are separated since a long time) met their new spouses this way.

12. What is romantic for you?
Probably the most romantic thing, or at least what I appreciate the most, is when someone cooks for me. On top of this, it's rather the little everyday things rather than big gestures! Examples would be to get a little note written for me or when I have been traveling somewhere and come home and Chris is picking me up, sometimes even waiting for me with some Cupcakes or Macaroons in a little box because he knows how much I love them. I also find it so lovely that Chris always prepares a flavored latte macchiato for me in the morning =p  These things are for me all very romantic....

Pheeeeewwwww......those were not easy questions....honestly! But I am anyway tagging the following people, hoping to read their answers shortly:

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...and here are the questions you will have to answer to honor this tag:1. If your best friends were to describe you using three words, which words would they choose?
2. What is the most useful thing you ever learned how to do?
3. In school, what was/is your favorite subject and why?
4. Where do you want to travel to next?
5. Which beauty products are you not able to "live" without?
6. Your favorite movie?
7. If you had the power to change something in your life right now, no limits, what would you change and why?
8. Do you have any eating habits that others call strange?
9. What are your guilty pleasures?
10. If you had the opportunity to go to space, would you? Why/Why not?
11. What is the most frequent compliment you are receiving?
12. What is your favorite music lyric?


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