Mar 11, 2012


It's here.....the end of another great weekend! I am on a train on my way to Milan where I'll be working for the next two days.
We've had some really lovely visitors this weekend! It's been relaxed and great! I baked cookies, Chris made thai curry for us and I also experimented with a dessert which, in my gead, was supposed to turn into a creamy Banana and Coconut Pannacotta, but I used too much gelatine, so instead of creamy, it was spongy (poor guests!)....oh well, I'll work on it! Practise makes perfect :))
Today we had a nice walk in sunny, but incredibly windy, Rolle. I can't tell you how happy I am that spring is here.....and a spring with soooo many great plans!
I hope you all had great weekends!
The lake of Geneva, in Rolle
Premiere of sitting on the balcony, reading a magazine....
A swan at the lake of Geneva
My coconut macaroons
My Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies


  1. jag ser ju fina bilder på instagram så jag vet ju redan vad du har för dig.. men måste ändå säga att det ser sjuuukt trevligt ut.
    ta hand om dig fina Linda!


  2. You should definitely share the recipe of that famous thai curry with us! Maybe another guest post by Chris? Please! :)

  3. Lady-G: Gulle dej!!!! Kram!

    Sylvie: Good idea! I'll ask if he's up for it!! Such delicious things should be shared..... x

  4. Have fun in Milan! Make sure to sneak in a walk in the Galleria and a look at the Duomo, at the very least! And if you can manage, check out the Sforza castle, or ask your taxi driver to at least drive by it, and by La Scala.

    Aaah, miss Milan! Please say hi to the city for me!

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend, spongy dessert aside! Looking forward to a post on fabulous Milan when you return. Happy travels!
    Dressology HQ


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