Feb 19, 2012

Currently, I'm.........

Happy about: A loooot of things!! Just to mention a few, we had friends here for the weekend which was great fun! We are also making some really exciting holiday plans for end March (still to be confirmed).
Disappointed about: Nothing......actually....
Looking forward to: Tomorrow morning I am traveling to Poland for business and in the evening I will meet up with two of my friends (and former colleagues) and I have really missed them =) On Friday I will go home to Sweden for a long weekend to celebrate my dad's marriage and his 60th birthday. Am really looking forward to see my friends and family again!!! It's been waaaaaay too long.....
Listening to: All kinds of music! Still have a hang-up on Florence + The Machine's "No light, No light". Am also really loving "Shine" by Benjamin Francis Left as well as "Fader" and "Love Lost" by The Temper Trap....among many others ;) 
Hoping: That I will have enough energy to go for a run before it gets dark today. I feel that I should go, but struggle a bit with the motivation to go. He he!
Thinking about: A friend whose birthday is next week and I'm wondering what to get her and WHEN as I don't have much time. Hmmmm.......
Smiling about: Some recent touching phone calls with friends and family.
Wishing: That I didn't have to spend parts of the evening packing....but oh well...
Sad about: Having to get up so ridiculously early for the traveling in the next two days! I am really not a morning person ;)
Wanting: To buy so much stuff when I go home to Sweden!! Mainly food.... Gosh I miss the food back home....the only sad thing is that most of the things I miss need to be refrigerated. Does anyone have any tricks on how to travel with stuff that needs to stay cold?
Feeling: Quite tired but also very excited about all of our plans and upcoming events!!

....and here some shots to summarize the weekend:

Our two guests and Chris admiring the spectacular view of the Alps
We went to Vallee de Joux on Saturday.....
...where the lake had frozen and it was an amazing amount of people skating, walking, eating and playing on the ice.
It was an amazingly beautiful day! Only -1 degrees and sunshine =) 
Chris tried some ice skating
Fun in the sun
Snowfights galore ;) 
....and yes, he probably deserved this revenge snow-kick ;)) 
.....and an abundance of beautiful sceneries!!
I love having guests so I can experiment in the kitchen. This was the starter I made:
Butter seared Scallops on a Blood Orange Salsa bed
For main course: Couscous Paella
The dessert was certainly not an experiment, but more a safe card ;))
Swiss Meringue served with Creme Brulee flavored ice cream and Whipped Cream
Wishing you all a great Sunday!


  1. fun trips ahead linda! & i love the photo of the two of you : )

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  3. hi!linds,
    getting addicted of your blog. Nice pictures AGAIN. Good luck for the next month,you have lot of plans/travelling.

  4. Vilka härliga bilder, ser fantastiskt ut! :)

  5. Lina: Aaaww thank you!!! =)))) x

    Tanvon: Am very happy to hear that there is a Lost in Switzerland blog addict out there ;)) Thanks a lot! x

    Carin: Tack Carin! Det ar sa himla fint har i Schweiz, sa det ar inte sarskilt svart att harliga bilder =) x

  6. Holy yumminess, I LOVE paella! Never tried it with couscous, but just thinking of all the seafood and the saffron makes my mouth water :-)

    And hey, great photos! The first two are especially lovely!

    So happy to hear (ehm... read) that things are good!


  7. Elisa: It's even better with Couscous and also a BIG PLUS because it is sooo much faster ;))

    Thanks so much for your comment on the photos as well! I must say that it is very easy to find nice objects and sceneries to capture in this country (as you well know ;)).


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